You Can Mail These Gifts to Your Family This Year

You Can Mail These Gifts to Your Family This Year

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Who couldn’t use some cheer in the mail? Even when times aren’t uncertain, receiving an unexpected gift puts a smile on the recipient’s face. During challenging periods, you need to spread the love more than ever.

Fortunately, if you have the extra time, why not start on your holiday gift list early? Delight anyone that you know and love with these ideas.

Gifts for Friends and Colleagues

Gifts for Friends and Colleagues

Gifts for Friends and Colleagues

A Kindle

Right now, that special someone probably has some extra time to catch up on their reading. Help them to do so safely in the tub with the gift of a waterproof Kindle that they can touch with sudsy hands. If you want to go a step further, you can get them a subscription to Kindle Unlimited so that they can choose from over a million titles for free.

A Locally-Sourced Foodie Gift

Is the foodie on your list feeling down because they can’t get out to explore regional cuisine? Why not ship them some fresh Maine seafood or another luxury they can’t get locally? They will thank you heartily when they slake their cravings.

A Boozy Subscription Box

Alcohol sales are rising, and your recipient’s local store might be low on their favorite tipple. Why not get them a boozy subscription box that you tailor to their taste? You can find versions for anyone from oenophiles to whiskey lovers.

 A Weighted Blanket

Everyone needs extra comfort these days, and weighted blankets like a hug you can give yourself. When you give that special someone this thoughtful gesture, they might finally catch up on those Zzz’s they missed due to stress.

A Journal and Book of Writing Prompts

Now is the perfect time for all those who dream of writing the Great American Novel to get to work. Help your friend accomplish their goal with a lovely leather journal, and a book of writing prompts to accompany it.

Long Distance Touch Lamps

What if a light came on in your home every time someone special thought about you? You can give that magic to a beloved grandparent or other distant loved one with a friendship touch lamp that lights up when the other person touches it. What an illuminating way to share hugs across the miles.

Gifts for Newlyweds

An Instant Pot

Even if your favorite newlyweds can afford to order delivery, tipping the drivers what they deserve can get pricey. Give them a high-quality instant pot so that they can whip up a homemade meal in a fraction of the time.

An at-Home Massage Kit

Your newlyweds may have delayed their honeymoon indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Help them enjoy romance at home with an at-home massage kit for a sensual evening. This idea is the ideal gift if you don’t have a significant budget because you can create a homemade version with coconut oil and essential oils in a pinch.

A Handyman (or Woman) Kit

If your newlyweds combined their household shortly before the outbreak, they might have a to-do list around the house to keep them busy. Help them with these chores with a single multipurpose tool or an entire toolbox kit.

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Gifts for New Baby

A Parachute Hooded Baby Towel

Who doesn’t dream of burrito-wrapping their baby in an adorable towel after their bath? Get them one with a cute animal-themed hood that makes them look like the charming little panda or puppy they are.

A Cozy and Flexible Baby Sling

Carrying a baby around can make your loved one’s arms tired quickly. Free up their hands with a cozy baby sling that lets them tend to chores while keeping their little ones close.

An Interactive Play Mat

Babies need sensory stimulation to develop physically and mentally. Give them an interactive playmat that engages all of their senses while keeping them content.

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Gifts for Children

A Hasbro Game Mashup

The quarantine has led many families to bring back the family game night. Why give just one when you can combine two classic board games with a Hasbro matchup set? You can find a version suitable for any age.

A Baby Shark Tablet

You know the song! You can inspire that special child to keep up with their schooling wherever they are with a tablet designed for little learners. Whether you include a set of earplugs for the parents is up to you.

A Nerf Fortnite SP-L Elite Dart Blaster

Nerf lets you bring the play indoors when you can’t get outside. Delight that active child with a blaster that will engage their imagination without leaving scuff marks on your walls and furniture.

A Play-Doh Compound Variety Pack

Play-Doh is fabulous for sensory play, and this innovative pack includes six different textures for crafting pleasure.

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Gifts for Essential Workers

New Scrubs

If you know and love a health care worker, they are probably doing so much laundry right now that they feel like Tide runs through their veins. Cut down on their labor by giving them a new set of scrubs to don when the others get contaminated.

Donations to Hospitals

Medical supplies are hard to come by these days, and many professionals cover their N95 masks with standard cloth ones to keep them cleaner. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can create homemade masks to donate to your local facility.

Care Package of Essential Goods

Essential workers don’t only occupy hospitals. Overworked stock clerks could use a new set of shoe insoles for their tired, aching feet. Nearly anyone who works with the public could use a stash of hand sanitizer, and everyone appreciates the gift of paper products right now.

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Delight the Ones You Love With a Thoughtful Gift

The world desperately needs more smiles right now. Delight the special someone on your list with one of these thoughtful gifts and brighten their day.