How Moms Can Take Control of Their Health

How Moms Can Take Control of Their Health

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As a mom, you’re constantly running around taking care of kids and trying to keep up with your work schedule. This doesn’t leave much time for yourself.

However, it’s important to take some time to unwind and focus on your own mental and physical health. And with the emergence of COVID-19, it’s now more important than ever to stay healthy.

Why You Need to Take Control

Taking control of your health is essential for preventing long-term diseases such as cardiovascular issues, cancer, and diabetes. This is why it’s important to start forming healthy habits in the present.

As a mom, your kids’ health is often the first priority. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your own. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to take back control of your health.

Ways to Take Care of Your Physical Health

1.    Exercise

Staying active keeps your heart healthy and reduces the risk of losing bone density. Exercising can also help build and maintain muscle. Strong muscles help maintain proper balance, too, while you’re juggling kids on one arm and the laundry on the other.

Exercising is also important for weight management. Improper weight management can lead to certain diseases, including osteoporosis.

As a mom, your schedule is already pretty full, so it may be harder to find time to set aside to exercise. Consider taking a walk with your family or squeezing in a short workout while the kids are at school.

2.    Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables is essential for staying healthy. Also, add foods rich in protein, Vitamin D, and calcium to keep your bones strong. Some foods to include in your diet are fat-free dairy products, dark-green vegetables, and salmon.

Also, limit the amount of sugary drinks or alcohol you consume. While it may be tempting to heat up something in the microwave that’s quick and easy to prepare after a long day of work, make sure you’re incorporating nutrient-rich foods when preparing your meals.

3.    Take Vitamins

While eating a proper diet should provide you with some nutrients, you may not be getting enough. This is where taking vitamin supplements can come into play.

Calcium supplements are one type of supplement women can take to reduce the risk of bone density loss. Taking these vitamins is quick and can easily become part of your daily routine. If taking supplements every day is unrealistic for your schedule, consider IV therapy in Greater Duwamish, Seattle. Nourishing vitamin blends are delivered directly to the bloodstream in just 30-45 minutes. For those seeking a more personalized option, exosomes IV treatment at home may be considered. This innovative approach involves the infusion of exosomes, which are small cell-derived vesicles, directly into the bloodstream, potentially promoting cellular regeneration and overall health.  Treatments can be administered in the comfort and privacy of your home, meaning you can get the nutrients you need without missing a beat.

4.    Get Enough Sleep

As a mom, you often get less sleep, whether you’re dealing with a crying baby or staying up late to catch up on your to-do list. However, not getting enough sleep can make it harder to function the next day. It can also make you more tired and put you in an unpleasant mood.

Feeling this way can lower your productivity during the day. Not getting enough sleep can also become a factor in developing long-term issues like cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression.

5.    Know Your Family History

Knowing what diseases or health conditions are present in your family will also help you stay healthy. Since you share genes, behaviors, and lifestyles with your family, if one of them has a health risk, you are more likely to be at risk as well.

Once you determine these health risks, you’re better able to prevent them from becoming long-term issues. Knowing your family history will also help to protect your kids.

Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

1.    Be Present in the Moment

People tend to worry about the future and what lies ahead. This past year was definitely filled with uncertainty, from riots to the pandemic. Plus, as a mom, you are constantly faced with new challenges daily, from children’s changing behaviors to work stresses. With so much going on, it can be easy to start feeling overwhelmed.

However, this is where it’s vital to take a step back and focus on the present moment and the positive things within that moment. Simply focus on getting through one day at a time to help manage any stress or anxiety.

2.    Find Virtual Support

With COVID-19, it’s harder for people to gather socially. Many moms rely on support groups consisting of other mothers facing similar challenges to them, especially first-time moms.

Not having this support can make them feel isolated. While it may be harder to gather in-person, many things are moving online. Consider finding an online support group, such as Motherly, to help you stay connected with others and bond over similar experiences.

3.    Stay Connected With Friends and Family

During this time of social distancing, maintaining social connections is vital. Being stuck at home with your kids all day can be exhausting. This is why it’s vital to reach out to extended family or friends as a way to de-stress.

Video chatting applications are great ways to safely stay connected with loved ones. During the call, try letting your kids talk to their grandparents, while you take a few minutes to yourself to unwind.

Don’t Neglect Your Health

As a mom, you’re constantly on-the-move. But be sure you’re still taking some time for yourself. Keeping up with healthy habits now will help prevent long-term health issues in the future. Some ways to stay healthy are exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep.

You also need to focus on your mental health by staying present in the moment, finding virtual support groups, and connecting with family and friends.