Healthy eating tips during pregnancy

Healthy eating tips during pregnancy

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You must fine-tune your eating habits to ensure adequate nutrition is supplied to you and your baby during pregnancy. You diet must include foods with sufficient iron, protein, calcium and folic acid. It is necessary to make smart choice of food for healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. We shall discuss some healthy eating tips for you during your pregnancy.

Don’t skip breakfast
Make sure you take healthy breakfast that contains combination of fruits and well-cooked cereals. You can eat fruits containing Vitamin C and Folic Acid like orange, grapes, and honeydew. It would be preferable to eat food containing less sugar.

Choose food containing enough Fiber
Food containing fiber should be in your diet plan. You can get fiber in fruits like apple, bananas, orange, mango, and strawberry. Fiber is also found in brown rice, oatmeal, and wheat bread that you during your lunch. You can add some kidney beans during your breakfast.

Choose healthy snacks
If you feel hungry between meals you can choose nutritional snacks that are fat-free and low sugar. You can eat green vegetable salad, low-fat yogurt, grilled chicken, mashed tuna and other ready to eat fruits.

Take Iron and Folic Acid with parental Vitamin everyday
Folic acid is an important source of B vitamin that is essential for good health of your baby, in first trimester pregnancy. It helps to prevent neural tube defects. Iron helps you make extra blood (hemoglobin) during pregnancy. It is important to take iron daily to prevent iron-deficiency anemia.

Plan for weekly seafood intake
Oily fish containing Omega 3 Acid and other vitamin and nutrients are good for you and your developing baby. You can include seafood like salmon, sardines, shrimps and canned light tuna in your diet plan. Make sure you these foods 2-3 times a week with 3 ounce per serving.

Stay away from raw fish and meat, soft cheeses and lunch meat
You must avoid certain fish with high mercury as well as uncooked and raw fish. It is not advisable to eat unpasteurized soft cheeses like feta, brie and goat cheese. You should stay away from lunch meat and hot dogs.

  • Avoid alcohol, limit caffeine
    It is unsafe and unhealthy to drink any amount of alcohol during your pregnancy. You must limit your caffeine intake and drink enough water instead of soda.

Your healthy eating habit is essential not only for your health but for the health of your developing baby as well.