Best swimsuits for pregnant ladies

Best swimsuits for pregnant ladies

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There’s nothing cuter than that baby bump you get about on a 25th week of pregnancy. Small, comfortable but still everyone sees that you’re pregnant and at that time you want the whole world to know it. Every pregnancy is beautiful, but still challenging at the same time. Some women get a lot bigger than they thought they would and that feeling might be not that pleasant. At the end of your term you might feel like a huge watermelon (at least I did) and there’s nothing cute about that. If your traveling ant that time, you’ll definitely be waring a swimsuit and this might be the scariest thought. If you’re anything like me, you must spend hours on Instagram checking those

gorgeous moms to be rocking their bumps, but when you try your swimsuit – it looks like disaster. Don’t be

discouraged, because today I will share the most flattering maternity swimsuits and some tricks that will make you feel like the most beautiful women on earth!

Good maternity swimsuit is always a good idea!

I was always a person, who didn’t want to invest in something made for “maternity”. I thought this was a complete waste of money, but soon I found out that it’s not always the case. Sometime your comfort is way more important that a few extra dollars you spend for maternity stuff. In my opinion, maternity swimsuits and jeans are the ones you really need. They feel sooo comfortable, give support for your breasts and hide everything you might need to. Not all of us get inly a bump. We are real women, who can feel insecure about our looks, so making sure that you feel your best is the only way to go!


Make that bikini work for you!

If you don’t have time to shop for a maternity swimsuit, it’s not a problem. In early stages of pregnancy your old bikini should definitely work. Don;t be afraid to show that bump, because it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Of course, if you don’t have a bikini that fits you, go ahead and buy one. Just look for the ones that are adjustable. This will make sure that you’ll be able to use this bikini later on. Also have in mind that you can mix and match your bikinis. So if you have the bottoms that you really love, just buy a top. This can work very nice and you can make sure that you have enough support in the chest area. Most of us really need it! Shop for these bikinis online and you’ll find out that there are a lot of good deals that will make you feel wonderful.


Kimono – your best friend at the beach

If for some reason you don’t feel confident wearing a bikini or a swimsuit, just know, that kimono is your best friend at the beach. Look for one with breathable material, so it won’t get hot. Buy neutral colors kimono and you’ll be able to wear it not only at the beach but everywhere you go. This clothing peace was definitely my favorite and the best part is – you can wear it after pregnancy too. If you remember Kim Kardashian West’s pregnancies, you know that kimonos was her best accessories that made every outfit just like from a magazine cover. It’s a simple trick, that will help you feel cute at any stage of pregnancy.



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Just remember, that most of those photos on Instagram with perfect baby bumps are not from real life. These are mostly photo shoots in early stages of pregnancy and not every woman can or even want to look like that. Don’t be pressured to look a curtain way, because every pregnancy is beautiful in it’s own way. Of course, the most important thing is to feel good about yourself, so use my recommendations to achieve that.

Cherish that bump, because after giving birth you’ll definitely miss it. A least I did 🙂

With love – daymom