Who is Sean Larkin’s Wife?

Who is Sean Larkin’s Wife?

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In the world of television personalities, Sean Sticks Larkin is a captivating figure, known not only for his law enforcement career but also for his intriguing love life. This article delves into the enigmatic details of Sean Sticks Larkin’s romantic journey, from his early relationships to his recent marriage to Carey Cardieux.

Sean Sticks Larkin’s Wedding Bliss

Sean Sticks Larkin took the plunge into marital bliss with Carey Cardieux in early 2022, marking a new chapter in his personal life. This joyous event, initially revealed by Back Live PD and further celebrated by “On Patrol Live,” left fans and well-wishers pouring in their heartfelt congratulations.

sean larkins wife

sean larkins wife

Key Highlights
Sean and Carey’s wedding surfaced on social media.
Fans expressed joy and blessings for the couple.
The couple strives to maintain privacy post-wedding.

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Carey Cardieux: The Mysterious Wife

While Sean’s career is in the limelight, Carey Cardieux prefers a more private existence. She even took the bold step of deleting her Instagram account post-wedding, raising eyebrows and fueling curiosity. A glimpse into her Facebook profile, previously Carey C. Wilkins, provides a glimpse into her past, including a marriage to DB Wilkinks in 2017.

Insights into Carey’s Life
Carey deleted her Instagram, emphasizing privacy.
Previous marriage to DB Wilkinks in 2017.
Active on Facebook with limited activity.
Formerly known as Carey C. Wilkins.

Sean Larkin’s Previous Relationships

Sean’s romantic journey has been a rollercoaster, including a marriage to Tammy Jean Stocks and a headline-making relationship with Lana Del Rey. Unfortunately, his marriage with Tammy ended due to his demanding career, leading to the responsibility of raising their two children alone. Lana Del Rey, a significant part of Sean’s life, transitioned from a romantic partner to a close friend.

Past Relationships Highlights
Marriage and divorce with Tammy Jean Stocks.
Lana Del Rey: From romance to enduring friendship.
Raising children Alyssa and Patrick post-divorce.
Friendship with Lana highlighted by normal couple activities.

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Sean Larkin’s Painful Past: Betrayal and Separation

sean larkins wife

sean larkins wife

Before finding happiness, Sean faced betrayal in his marriage with Vanessa. Discovering her involvement with a colleague led to separation. The aftermath saw Vanessa facing legal troubles, adding a dramatic twist to Sean’s personal saga.

Betrayal and Legal Turmoil
Vanessa’s affair with a colleague.
Sean caught in the emotional turmoil of separation.
Vanessa’s subsequent legal issues.

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10 Questions and Answers About Sean Sticks Larkin’s Love Life

  1. Who is Carey Cardieux, and how did she meet Sean Larkin?
    • Carey Cardieux is a private individual who entered Sean’s life, leading to a blissful marriage.
  2. What prompted Sean and Tammy Jean Stocks’ divorce?
    • Sean’s demanding law enforcement career was a significant factor in his divorce with Tammy.
  3. How did Lana Del Rey and Sean Sticks Larkin meet?
    • Sean and Lana met in New York City and built a relationship highlighted by normal couple activities.
  4. Why did Sean Larkin divorce Vanessa?
    • Sean discovered Vanessa’s affair with a colleague, leading to the end of their marriage.
  5. What legal issues did Vanessa face after the separation?
    • Vanessa faced charges of drug dealing and child abuse post-separation.
  6. How does Sean Sticks Larkin balance his career and personal life?
    • Sean faced challenges in balancing his law enforcement career with personal relationships.
  7. What is the current relationship between Sean and Tammy Jean Stocks?
    • Despite an amicable separation initially, the relationship soured over time.
  8. Why did Carey Cardieux delete her Instagram account after the wedding?
    • Carey prioritizes privacy, as evident by her decision to delete her Instagram account.
  9. Are there any details about Sean Larkin’s children, Alyssa and Patrick?
    • Alyssa is studying physiology, while limited information is available about Patrick.
  10. What does the future hold for Sean Sticks Larkin’s love life?
    • The public awaits updates on Sean’s journey, hoping for lasting happiness.


Sean Sticks Larkin’s love life is a captivating tale of ups and downs, from marriage and divorce to high-profile relationships. As he navigates the complexities of his personal journey, the public remains eager for glimpses into the life of this intriguing television personality.