Cheap Hoverboards For Your Child You Can Find on Amazon

Cheap Hoverboards For Your Child You Can Find on Amazon

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Roll into the future with these self-balancing scooter in the low price range.

Since hoverboard was first introduced in the famous movie franchise ‘Back to the Future’, it has been the long cherished dream of many people to have a ride on that. However, it has always felt as an alien object from the distant future. But the future is now!

Hoverboard appeared into the trend very recently. But the price of a single hoverboard could cause an avalanche to your bank account. But now some of the tech giants have gathered their skilled engineers to make hoverboards (also known as self balancing scooter) available in amazingly low price!

Here is the list of few top rated yet cheap hoverboards which can be bought from amazon :


NHT AURORA is one of the foremost products in cheap hoverboards or self balancing scooter. One of the great pros about this hoverboard is that it comes into 11 different colours and styles. So you would get a large variety to choose from. At the same time, you’ll get a 12 month warranty for the wheel hub motor and the controller of this cheap hoverboard.

And the best thing is that you will get Bluetooth connection to play your favourite tracks on the go. The high quality inbuilt speakers will give you a premium vibe. It also has stunning lighting system to provide a classy look.

This hoverboard is lightweight but at the same time its safety has been tested and proven. It has passed various safety tests and also has an anti-fire protection. Not just that, the hoverboard is made of strong quality material, which makes it harder to break.

This cheap Bluetooth hoverboard can run upto 6 miles/h and as an add-on, you can also purchase 6.5 inch vacuum tires from Amazon.

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SWAGTRON T580 –with Bluetooth.

This hoverboard is another best selling cheap self balancing scooter. It is very much safe. This cheap Bluetooth hoverboard has UL certificate and passed safety test and electric test. It is built by the premium swagtron design and tested by the sturdy UL.

As for features, this low price self balancing scooter comes with great quality inbuilt speakers and more marvellously, you can operate it with your phone.  The maximum speed can goes up to 10 miles/hr.

TOMOLOO – Kids and Adult Two-wheel cheap hoverboard

Tomoloo is a very cheap self balancing scooter within quite affordable low price range. But still it has many premium features.  It has loud inbuilt Bluetooth speakers to listen to your favourite music. Also it has great settings of LED light, which makes it a popular choice among both adults and kids. And the hoveboard can be controlled using mobile app, which is great if you are gifting it to your kids.

At the same time, this cheap self balancing scooter also has great safety features, which makes it favourable to adults and kids alike. The wheels are strong and 6.5 inch tall. It has also passed the UL2272 test and been certified by CPAC. It is entirely waterproof, so you can freely use it in rainy season as well. The max speed goes up to 8 miles/hr.

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HOVERHEART HOVERBOARD — cheapest in the list. 

This is one of the top cheap self balancing scooter available on Amazon. It offers a vary large varieties of designs, up to as many as 17.

Even though it is cheap, yet it has been proven to be safe and secure. This is listed in UL2272. The outer skin is coated with chrome and is fireproof.

Like the rest of self balancing scooters, this one also comes with Bluetooth facility to play your favorite music. It also has lightning system and a controller. It contains two 200W motors to climb the slopes. This hoverboard offers speed up to 10 miles/hr.

The hoverboards are taking the market by storm. And as more and more brands producing cheap hoverboards, it is appealing equally to both younger and older generations. Another important aspect is that, since these self balancing scooters run on electricity, these do not emit any pollution.

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