Best Apps for Traveling with Kids

Best Apps for Traveling with Kids

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Then you have a family you need an easy way to keep track of details or choose activities, or even share photos on your next family trip? All that and more is just an app away with these cool tools, which turn your smartphone into the ultimate travel agent. And you need to know all these apps if you planing a trip or vacation. So we will try to help you and below here  we list our favorite apps.


TripIt: This app automatically combines details plucked from your confirmation e-mails to create a single vacation itinerary that’s accessible from any device. It also allows you to share travel plans via e-mail or social media, and to securely store data from IDs and passports. Free; iOS and Android

USA Rest Stops: A great tool for planning ahead, this app lets you search nationwide by state and highway number to find the rest areas (including amenities) that are on your route. Free; iOS and Android


Viator Tours & Activities: Viator lets you find and arrange organized tours in popular hot spots with a few quick clicks. Filter search results by location, tour type, or hotel pickup options; see reviews, schedules, and prices, and book instantly. Free; iOS and Android

Oh, Ranger! Parkfinder: Use this database of parks and public lands to zero in on places to play anywhere in the country. Choose your favorite activities or facilities (swimming, playground, wildlife watching, etc.), and search by location for details. Free; iOS and Android 


360 Panorama: Take panoramas to a whole new level with this fun photo tool, which automatically snaps and stitches together shots as you turn, creating a dynamic 360-degree image. Add a comment and share it via e-mail or social media. $2; iOS

Postagram: This service lets you send custom postcards right from your smartphone. Simply snap a photo, type a personal message, and choose a recipient from your contacts. Postagram does the rest: printing and mailing a real paper card. Free to download, $1 per card to U.S. addresses, $2 international; iOS and Android

Book Creator: Easily combine photos, videos, and sound clips with word balloons, text, and illustrations to create shareable e-books of your trip. Upload finished books to the cloud, where friends and family can view them. $5; iPad and Android

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Ages 1-2

Sago Mini Road Trip

In this open-ended game, children go on a fun-filled drive with Jinja the cat. They help Jinja pick a destination, decide which clothes to bring, and select a vehicle ranging from a firetruck to a pickle car! The app is great for toddlers because it has easy controls and randomly generated scenes, meaning it can be replayed many times.

Age 3

Zen Studio

Zen Studio is a finger-painting app aimed to help kids relax and focus through geometric-based creation. Kids can follow step-by-step tutorials to draw beautiful designs, or create new drawings from scratch. As they draw, a generative music accompanies their every swipe.

Note: This app is free to download, and includes 9 free tutorials. A one-time in-app purchase (IAP) is required to unlock more than 60 tutorials and an unlimited number of user profiles and canvases.

Duckie Deck Giggle Glass

Aimed at young explorers, Giggle Glass is an app that literally alters your view. With many silly filters available, kids can spend hours taking snapshots or observing the world around them. The one-touch interface makes it easy to use by small children.
Dr. Panda Mailman

A fun app where kids get to help the adorable Dr. Panda deliver handwritten postcards and packages to animal friends. Exploration is the focus of the app as kids zip through a world filled with mountains, forests, houses, and rivers. There are no rules and no time limit in the app.

Age 4

Fun on the Farm

For families with multiple kids, Fun on the Farm offers simple board games that can be played by two people on the same device. There are 5 games in all, including domino, air hockey, and lotto. Each game has been designed to be simple enough for small children to pick up while providing challenges for older kids as well.
National Geographic Puzzle Explorer

In this fun app for all ages, players can create puzzling mazes to challenge themselves or their family and friends. They can unlock new blocks and locations, and collect photo facts and insights about the world. The app is free to download with in-app purchases to unlock more places/regions.
Fiete Math

Fiete Math makes counting easy for kids to understand. In this app, numbers are touchable objects that kids can group, combine, and cut up. The app includes over 1,000 consecutive tasks using numbers up to 30, so there are enough challenges to keep kids busy.

Age 5

Thinkrolls & Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls is a tactile platform game in which kids learn physical concepts through 180+ challenging levels. At the same time as they’re having fun, they are also developing their problem solving skills. Thinkrolls 2 is the eagerly-awaited sequel of Thinkrolls, and features 235 new levels and 28 characters.
Fiete Choice

Fiete Choice explores the concept of finding the odd one out of a series of pictures. With a great sense of humor and 99 diverse levels, the app offers a thorough playing and learning experience. It’s great for developing logical thinking and concentration.