Breastfeeding experience – things you need to know

Breastfeeding experience – things you need to know

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I have to admit, that breastfeeding was definitely the most challenging part of motherhood. When I got pregnant I knew that I was going to breastfeed. My mother and grandmother did that and I of course wanted was best for my baby. Still, at that time I couldn’t imagine how hard it will be. So here is my breastfeeding experience and some tips that hopefully will help other moms.

I want to start with a recommendation. For some reason I thought that breastfeeding will be a natural process and there is nothing I can learn, but I was wrong. If you have an opportunity – go to a seminar or any other consultation about it. Believe me, when you know the theory, practical part is easier too. Since I didn’t know anything, the first feeding got more and more painful. The nurse told me that my nipples ar too flat so it’s harder for the baby to grab it properly. Despite that I knew that this pain is temporary and after a few days it will stop. Almost every women goes through this experience, so there are some things that can make it easier. I least for me they were life changing!

Before even going to the hospital, I’ve read about breastfeeding and bought a few things. I just new they’ll be useful.

First thing – Multi-Mum balm – if it wasn’t for this cream, I probably would’ve given up breastfeeding.

The thing I like about this balm – it’s safe to breastfeed without a need to wash it of. In the first days or weeks you might be feeding your baby pretty much non stop, so having to wash your breast before every feed would be difficult and of course – uncomfortable. This balm moisturizes and helps your nipples to heal. I used it for a month I think, but just because I was afraid the the pain will come back. Bus in reality, once it’s gone – it’s gone for good. You should use it after every feed and shower. Basically make sure it’s always on!

This balm is amazing but if your dealing with cracked nipples or the pain is just too much to handle – don’t  worry, I got you covered! These Multi-Mum compresses are the best at constantly releasing the pain. I would use them every time I felt the feeding is getting more painful.

So these two things are in my opinion the best help for a breastfeeding beginner. So if you want to be prepared for everything, by them and take them to the hospital with you. At least for me it was the best decision ever!

Another thing that was recommended for me and really helped – trying to be topless as much as possible. At hospital I wasn’t comfortable doing that, but at home – why not, I was prepared to do anything to make the pain go away. The thing is, in order to heal, your skin needs air, so being topless just makes everything heal a lot quicker.

I have to admit, that breastfeeding was a lot more challenging that I thought it would be. There were times when I would feed my baby and cry at the same time, just because the process was so physically painful. At this time, support from your husband, mom or other close friend is the best gift ever, so try to surround yourself with people that you love. The good thing is that the pain stops pretty quickly. At day four the pain went down significantly, and after a week breastfeeding was a pure joy and the most beautiful experience in my life. That connection that you create while doing that is just priceless and I would go through the same thing over and over again just to have it.

Just a few days ago I stopped breastfeeding my baby (she is 12 months and a week), just because I had to take some medication, which isn’t safe for breastfeeding moms. If you want to know more about this process and experience – let me know.

Breastfeeding a baby is a personal choice. Sometimes things go not he way we thought they will. I respect every mother’s decision, but if you really want to breastfeed, just know, that you can do it and this experience will be one of the most beautiful things that motherhood can offer.

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Have a beautiful day, darlings! – daymom