Try These Food Activities With Your Family

Try These Food Activities With Your Family

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When you’re stuck at home with your family, it’s not always easy to find fun activities. Fortunately, it’s springtime, which means that now’s an awesome chance to discover new ways to cook and bake your favorite treats. From homemade bagels to smoked meats, you and your loved ones can enjoy a unique experience together.

Take a look at these ideas to try today.

1. Campfire Hot Dogs and Smores

Campfire Hot Dogs

Campfire Hot Dogs

If you’ve never taken your family on a trip to the mountains, that’s okay – because you can replicate this adventure at home. Most campers know that there’s not much better than fire pits roasted hot dogs. Plus, who doesn’t love smores? Head out to your backyard with some handy tools and materials so that you can build a proper fire pit. It may take a few hours, so prepare ahead of time.

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You can also create a similar experience with a gas stove if you don’t have enough space outside. In any case, bring out the hot dogs, buns, and condiments. You’ll need a roasting fork to turn the meat over the fire. Don’t forget the chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, either!

2. Homemade Bagels

Homemade Bagels

Homemade Bagels

Jewish immigrants brought bagels to New York at the end of the 19th century. Since then, they’ve taken over taste buds across the country. Every native New Yorker knows that no one can beat their version. Sure, you could buy a bunch at your local supermarket, but it’s not the same. You need to experience them from scratch – and they’re pretty fun to make, too.

Slightly glossy on the outside and deliciously chewy on the inside, these bakery staples taste like no other. Set aside a couple of hours to make homemade bagels with your family. You can try different toppings, like sesame, everything and cinnamon. Then, put together a fun brunch to enjoy your hard work.

3. Smoked Meats and Cheeses

Smoked Meats and Cheeses

Smoked Meats and Cheeses

If you own a pellet grill with a smoker, why not whip up some yummy meats and cheeses? It’s the perfect weather to eat outside, so you and your family can gather around to enjoy a meal. You can try brisket, salmon, chicken, ribs and more as a main dish. If you want to take a more straightforward approach and make a few appetizers, try a smoked cheese instead. Cheddar takes on a whole new flavor profile when smoked.

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Be sure to set the temperature to no more than 90 degrees, because you don’t want to melt the cheese. Serve with crusted bread and yummy fruits. With either smoked meats or cheeses, you can earn your title as grill master – and spend time with your family.

4. Dirt or Mud Cups

Younger children love to play with their food, so why not indulge them? Either known as dirt or mud cups, this dessert looks like a worm’s natural habitat. You’ll use chocolate pudding and whipped topping to create the base. Then, after you top the mixture with crushed Oreos, your kids can add gummy worms and other creatures. The more it looks like nature, the better!

You can also incorporate edible items like rocks, plants and flowers. Find recipes for each addition and ask your children for input. These cups can teach your kids about science as well. Feel free to talk about why certain animals need soil to survive.

5. Personalized PizzasPersonalized Pizzas

This weekend, host a pizza night with your family. Make enough dough for as many personal pan pizzas as you need. You can try a whole wheat recipe for health benefits, or stick to a classic crust instead. Then, set out a topping bar with various add-ons. Go for traditional pies like Margherita, with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. You may want to stick with pineapple and ham, too.

Don’t forget about olives, peppers and other meats and cheeses. If you want to jazz up your experience, you should host a contest. Who can make the tastiest pizza with a particular set of ingredients? Ask everyone to try a slice of each and vote for the one they like best.

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6. Any International Treat

When you don’t live near a major city, or you haven’t traveled too far from home, it’s not always possible to discover new foods. If you’ve never ventured into Greek cuisine, for example, now’s an excellent time to try a dish. You and your family can experience various distinct flavors and find a more profound cultural appreciation.

For one dinner, you could make authentic Japanese ramen. The next, try traditional risotto from northern Italy. There are so many ways to learn techniques as you cook, which ensures that you’re a well-rounded chef. Plus, your children can learn more about how people eat around the world.

Try These Ideas for a Family Food Experience

If you and your family want to connect over a memorable activity, try these ideas! Food can bring us together like no other.