Make your Scout Hut Look Better: Here’s How

Make your Scout Hut Look Better: Here’s How

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Read this article to find out how a dino decking can help make your scout hut look better. Scout huts can become a little worn after a while. They have to put up with a lot: noisy kids, a range of activities and a lot of parties and shows. However, you can make your scout hut look better without spending too much money. This article goes into detail about the floorboards, windows, composite decking boards and wood-mix ones, that is, and much more.

Replace the Floorboards

After a while, floorboards can start to get worn down and some may even become loose. A good way to make your scout hut look better is to replace all of those broken floorboards. If you don’t have floors down, look out for any tiles or bits of lino that aren’t as new as they once were. You may want to think about replacing these.

A new floor can make the scout hut look so much better, and give it a new lease of life. Think about using a hard-wearing floor that can put up with scouts using it and dropping things on it for many years.

Replace any Broken Windows

If there are any broken windows or windows that just won’t open, you need to replace them or fix them. It’s important that windows can be used as a means of escape should there be a fire. If none of the windows is broken then perhaps you could give the windows a good clean and add a coat or two of paint. Please make sure that you don’t paint the windows so they can no longer be opened.

Give it a Lick of Paint

The inside and perhaps even the outside of your scout hut could look so much better if you give it a fresh coat of paint. Please make sure that you only ever use exterior paint when you’re painting the outside of the scout hut, and ensure the pain you choose is suitable for the surface you’re painting (Wood or metal, for example).

Interior paint should ideally be quite light, or even a mix of colours that complement the building. This will make sure that the new paint doesn’t look out of place.

Put Some Decking Around it

Composite decking has the ability to make your scout hut look bigger and better. Decking is ideal if you would like somewhere to hold summer parties and barbecues. It’s also a good place for parents to wait for their children.

Decking can also be a great place for the children to enjoy a few activities, and as it’s made to last at least 15 years it’s a good investment. What’s more, is you can add a storage unit to the decking as it’s strong, giving you somewhere else to store all of those toys and equipment.

Build an Extension

If you want your scout hut to look so much better you may have to think about building an extension. This could be useful if you’re running out of storage room or you simply have a lot of scouts using the hut at the same time. Extensions can be costly but they can also look good. Try to opt for an extension that complements the style of the building and it won’t look out of sorts.

You can make your scout hut look so much better, but you may have to be willing to undertake quite a bit of work. A scout hut can be a real asset to the community so it’s important that you keep it in good condition. Home to jumble sales, fairs, and of course, scout groups, a scout hut that looks good is more likely to be used, meaning your money will be well spent.