DIY how to make a round tissue paper flower

DIY how to make a round tissue paper flower

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Today I’m coming back with a new tutorial, on how to make a round tissue paper flower and I hope You’ll enjoy it!
Also, In my previous videos I got a lot of comments to do everything faster, so today I’m trying to do that 🙂 Let me know, what kind of videos do you enjoy more – me talking through them or just simple video with music in a background 🙂

So, for this DIY you’ll need:

– 16 layers of tissue paper 10×32 cm;

– Craft wire;

– Scissors;

-Paper straw.


This DIY round tissue paper flower is really easy to make. Just take 4 layers of paper (10x32cm), fold them accordion style and secure in the middle with a craft wire. Then start unfolding, layer by layer. At the end you’ll have four flowers which we will turn into one round that is bigger and even more amazing. Stack them all together and secure. Then just put the end of the wire into a straw and your almost done. At this point, take scissors ant start working with the edges, trying to make it look even more round. Do it until your happy with the results.

These round tissue paper flowers look amazing for decorating, so take your time to recreate them and let me know how it went!

I really hope you enjoyed this video, so give this video a like and comment below if you did 🙂

Have a great day everyone!