7 Ways to Know It’s Time To Upgrade Your Living Room

7 Ways to Know It’s Time To Upgrade Your Living Room

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Your living room is the perfect space to relax and spend quality time with your family! Although, sometimes, the room can start to feel outdated. If you begin to notice your living room isn’t your favorite hangout spot anymore, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are some signs to look out for.

1. Your Style Preferences Have Changed

Over time you begin to change how you feel about certain designs. Suppose you were originally into a traditional style but now love more modern elements. So, if your decor doesn’t match your current design preferences, it may be time for an upgrade.

Keep in mind you want the room to reflect your personality. Although this doesn’t mean you need to do a complete makeover. You can replace some decorations, such as wall art, to better display your current style.

If you haven’t defined your style yet, here are some design trends for 2021 to give you some inspiration:

  • Pairing stripes and checkered patterns
  • Decorating with sculptural furniture
  • Choosing two primary colors for your paint palette
  • Adding wall murals
  • Incorporating antique pieces

2.  You Haven’t Updated Your Decor in a While

Design trends can change quickly. So if you haven’t updated your space in a while, it may start to feel outdated. Also, old furniture can make the room feel boring over time. Consider adding new decor, such as colored throw pillows or unique wall art, to freshen up your space. Incorporating a few updated pieces will make your living room feel brand new.

Keep in mind you can revamp your space without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas to spruce up your living room on a budget:

  • Update your lighting
  • Incorporate some plants
  • Repaint the walls
  • Hang up new curtains
  • Create a gallery wall

3.  You Spend Less Time in There

If your bedroom is your new favorite place to relax after work, this may be a sign your living room needs to be updated. Also, if your kids spend more time upstairs with their friends, this could be another sign. When your space starts to feel less inviting, try spicing it up with some fun patterned rugs or a fresh coat of paint. When painting, consider using only two tones to create a warmer feeling.

Here are some other ideas to make your room feel extra cozy:

  • Add in some oversized ottomans
  • Incorporate console tables to define different areas
  • Buy a large sectional
  • Bring in more natural light
  • Decorate with throw blankets

4.  Your Furniture is Uncomfortable to Sit On


You want to feel comfortable when watching television with the family. Although, unsupportive furniture can be uncomfy and lead to back pain. So, to prevent this, you want to add pieces that are both stylish and snug. Consider updating your sofa. Most couches last for between 7 and 15 years before becoming saggy.

When it comes time for a new sofa, you can either reupholster or replace your old one. You may want to reupholster if you have a couch you enjoy or one passed down from a family member. Before starting the process, you want to find a quality upholster.


If you feel like you need something new, replacing the couch is a suitable option. When you buy a sofa, make sure you test to ensure it’s comfortable to sit on from all angles.

Here are some other tips for buying the perfect couch:

  • Evaluate the frame
  • Ask about the joinery
  • Test out the arms
  • Check the springs
  • Feel the padding

5.  You Don’t Host Guests in Your Living Room

If you’re embarrassed to have friends and family in your living room, you may want to consider an upgrade. You want to be excited to show off your space to others. Try to figure out what design elements you dislike in the room, such as the paint color. Then make changes to create a more welcoming space. Your living room can be a great place to host your kid’s friends or holiday gatherings.

To update your living room, consider creating an open floor plan. This way, guests can interact with those in the kitchen from the living room. Also, make sure you have multiple seating options for your company to lounge on. You can even get creative and add bean bags.

6.  Your Needs Have Changed

Over time what you need from a house can change. This is most likely due to a lifestyle shift. Suppose you’re now working from home, and part of your living room has become a designated office space. This will require you to make some upgrades to the area, such as adding a desk. Also, if you’re planning on expanding your family, you may need to add some additional seating.

 7.  You Have Room in Your Budget

Consider making a few upgrades if you have significant room in the budget. This can spruce up your space and make you feel less guilty about splurging. So, if you receive a promotion at work, take advantage of the extra cushion room in your bank account. Consider planning your expenses ahead of time so you don’t go way over budget.

How to Know When It’s Time For an Upgrade

Your living room should be a place you want to spend lots of time in. Although, it can start to feel outdated after a while. If you’re trying to decide if it’s the right time to remodel, look out for these seven signs to help you make the best decision.