Best Makeup Apps 2021 | Beauty Apps For Android & iOS

Best Makeup Apps 2021 | Beauty Apps For Android & iOS

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The art of perfect makeup is within the reach of few people. Sometimes we are afraid to try a new style, or we are simply not quite good at it. If this is your case, makeup applications will come in handy. As there are many “ makeup apps ” on the market, we have analyzed the best of 2021, both for Android and iOS.

Find out which one is the best for you!

The best makeup apps to succeed in 2021

Google Play and the App Store are full of makeup apps for photos. If you want to find out which one is the most useful for you, keep reading.

YouCam MakeUp Beauty Salon

YouCam MakeUp is perfect as it becomes a pocket-sized , portable beauty salon and dressing table . You just need a photo of your face to see how a certain eye shadow would look on you, that peculiar shade of lipstick or some groundbreaking blush.

The app that will allow you to be up-to-date and test whether that Christmas makeup, the dark look or the pastel tones suit you. It is perfect as an application for the end of the year – you must always be prepared – and also for weddings and parties, as well as appointments and our day to day.

In addition, it has a daily horoscope section with tricks. Thus, we will be up to date with what is going to happen in life, in love and in the field of beauty . Did you know that each sign has a different look? Discover what is yours!

It also allows you to record videos (tutorials or tests) and has a “mirror” function, in which you see yourself on the screen with the front camera and you can put on makeup. Of course, you will need at least Android 5.0 and more than 1GB.

MakeupPlus: the best virtual makeup app

MakeupPlus is a virtual makeup app ideal for makeover. It is ideal for making makeup of your photos and selfies , thanks to its virtual tools. If you want to buy cosmetics from your favorite brands, you can do so from the “Boutique” section

In the Boutique, you can also try on virtually all products before buying . The app integrates its own technology to use filters in the selfies and change the color of your hair. If you need to modify the physical characteristics and complexion of your house, this app can do that.

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Facetune 2

Facetune 2 is a photo editor famous for its advanced tools. You can use it to retouch your selfies through filters to change your features, soften or blur the background.

However, not everything is in filters: this virtual makeup app allows you to modify the color of your skin , that of your teeth and that of your hair. If you want to add a professional touch to selfies, Facetune 2 includes tools for color correction and Photoshop basic selfies.

Sephora: your app to buy makeup and perfumery

Sephora is one of the most popular makeup shopping apps today. Its main feature is its virtual store , where you can get up to 1500 products from different brands. In addition, you can find special discounts on the products offered.

Unlike other apps, this one does not have tools for virtual makeup of photos. However, it does have a section where you can find inspirations and recommendations for fashion professionals. You can also use recommendations from community users.

MakeUp Modiface

Makeup is a virtual photo and image editor known for its tools. You can edit your photos using the more than 2000 virtual products and use up to 40 hairstyle styles. It also includes sunglasses, necklaces, jewelry and other accessories to decorate your selfies.

The application has its own technology to modify the color of your skin and whiten your teeth . This technology also allows you to realistically imitate the shades, colors, texture and shine of cosmetic products in your photos.

Looks: the best makeup camera

Looks is a selfie app famous for its multiple editing options. It includes a large number of beauty and cosmetic products for you to use in your photos. You can use its tool to change the skin tone and use any of the 33 skin filters

This photo makeup app has technology to change facial features , such as the size of the nose, eyes and the width of the face. It also has a section on various beauty tips and a section on the latest makeup trends.

Mary Kay® Virtual Makeup App, design your image

Do you know those pages to make up photos online? Well, Mary Kay brings it to you in the form of an app for your mobile or tablet, whether you are Android or iOS. In the application you just have to select the photo of the model that most resembles you by shape or skin tone, and use your imagination. Or take a picture of yourself with these selfie stick apps , why not?

It is not only used to make up, but it is a hairstyles application in which we can try a new look or hair color on our own face. Once you have tried everything and you have your ideal makeover, then download it and save it as an example, or you can directly buy the cosmetic products that you have used in the application.

Hundreds of hairstyles, thousands of cosmetics, colors, makeovers … all in one click.

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Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is a virtual makeup app that will help us see how certain products look on our face without actually doing it. That is, he will apply the cosmetics on our face through a photograph.

Perfect 365 is free and is in Spanish , which makes it super accessible to most of our visitors … to them and to more than 75 million users who have already downloaded it on their devices.

  • It is one of the most realistic when it comes to applying filters and effects to photos, customizing each face.
  • You will know what it is that you lack or have excess to be perfect .
  • You can try a thousand different styles without having to do it for real, all virtual.

Change your look from the screen of your smartphone! It’s hilarious!

Beautylish, makeup tips

Makeup mistakes we all make. Many times for wanting to try something and go out directly. We can’t always try a thousand and one products on our face – whether for money or time. The Beautylish app wants to solve this.

For this, it does not do like the previous makeup apps in which we tried lipstick and colors in our photo . This application is committed to articles, advice and quality tips on cosmetics and beauty : what different types of pot are there? What is the best makeup program? How do I do my makeup for my friend’s bachelorette party? How to apply makeup with a brush? And a long etcetera.

In the application it has the following functionalities and characteristics:

  • See photos of eyes, lips, face, hairstyles, nails … all very beautiful and in high quality.
  • Buy directly the products that interest us from the articles or photos.
  • Step-by-step hairstyles and cosmetics tutorials.
  • Reviews of the most popular products.
  • Beauty forums for you to ask what you want.
  • Inspiration every day to have a great look.

Makeup course on Android for beginners

We finish with this list of apps for the end of the year with one of those applications to learn how to put on makeup that you cannot miss. A complete beauty course for Android that will clear your doubts and allow you to show off 100%.

It is not a professional makeup application , but it is a course that will put everything in order and that will help us a lot, especially if we are learning to put on makeup.

The course has a wide variety of lessons, starting with skin preparation, materials, foundation and concealer, and ending with highlighting powders and makeup sealing. We will see how to take care of the eyebrows, apply shadows, types of lipstick, how to outline a perfect eye, ways to apply blush and a length etc.

We hope that with these beauty apps you will learn those little tricks that will make you look radiant every day. And you, can you explain your cosmetic tricks to us? Do you use any virtual app for this purpose? Tell us!

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Makeup applications: all your doubts resolved

What app do makeup professionals use?

In addition to the makeup applications in this post, professionals use other digital tools. Leaving aside your work tools, such as lipstick, some of the most interesting apps in the sector are:

  • Some app for social networks : with this you can keep up to date on new trends.
  • Agenda apps: makeup professionals can have a very busy routine. To increase efficiency and productivity, they need a calendar app.
  • Amazon App: With these apps, they can buy all the tools they need.

What is the application to put tabs on photos?

The best application to put eyelashes on photos is Eyelashes . This app has more than 200 tabs that you can use in your selfies.

To use this app, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Use your camera to take a photo or select one from your gallery.
  2. Open the Eyelashes app and click on one of the false eyelashes.

This application also has other tools that will allow you to change hair, lips, eyebrows and add accessories . It also includes a tool to add filters to your photos.

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What is photo makeup?

The photo makeup are the edits that are made on the photos . These are used to enhance some characteristics of the cosmetics used in model photo shoots.

The makeup used must have a higher intensity than that used on a daily basis. This is because the light used in these sessions is very bright and can alter the quality of the results. For this reason, there are various makeup applications aimed at retouching colors and improving shades.

What is the best makeup application?

It is very difficult to know which is the best makeup application, everything will depend on your needs. However, one of the most complete and best rated is YouCam.