Unconventional Christmas Gifts For Your Partner This Year

Unconventional Christmas Gifts For Your Partner This Year

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It’s that time of year again — you’re trying to figure out what to give your partner for Christmas. Sometimes gift ideas come naturally, like when you see something in the store that makes you think of them. Other times it’s challenging to pinpoint what they’d like.

Before you wrap another candle set or purchase a gift card, check out these unconventional Christmas gifts for your partner this year. They’re creative ideas your partner is bound to enjoy, so see if anything inspires you before the holidays arrive this year.

1. Electronic Indoor Garden

Anyone with a green thumb will love an electronic indoor garden. It’s the easiest way to keep up with their favorite plants through the winter and know precisely what they need. Electronic gardens tell you when your plant needs water and how the root system is doing. Think about if your partner would want to grow vegetables or flowers before purchasing their next favorite gift.

2. UV Sterilization Pod

Give your partner another tool to fight germs and bacteria with a UV sterilization pod. They come in all different sizes so you can sanitize whatever you want. Your partner will never be worried about their phones or tablets when they get home at the end of the day.

Depending on what you think they’d want to sanitize, compare different sterilization tools like wands and pods so they can clean everything from their bedding to car keys.

3. A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are the latest mental health fad that won’t disappear anytime soon. They’re great for treating a variety of problems, but they’re also an additional source of warmth in the winter. Whether your partner would benefit from ADHD relief or needs help battling anxiety, they’ll use a weighted blanket for immediate relief for years to come.

4. Life Insurance Policy

If you and your partner are serious about spending your lives together, your biggest gift this year could be investing in a life insurance policy. It would provide for your partner if anything were to happen to you, which is the greatest gift you could give them.

Determine the length of your plan and your budget. Life insurance typically starts cheaper for young people and becomes more expensive with age. Companies know there isn’t much risk to insure a young, healthy person, but older clients are more likely to cash out on their plan.

Shop around to compare your options and see what policy would provide for your partner’s needs if something were to happen.

5. Multi-Device Charging Station

There’s no shortage of devices that require charging now. Your partner would love the usefulness of a multi-device charging station because it saves them time. You can find these stations in endless colors and styles, so your partner’s gift could match their home decor or their desk at work.

6. Custom Pet Portrait

The internet created a place for artists to reach new clients and market their products. Within minutes, you can find artists that specialize in pet portraits and order a special picture of your partner’s furry best friend. Whether they adopted a dog, a cat or a tiny hamster, they’ll love unwrapping a portrait of their beloved pet.

7. Instant Film Camera

Instant film cameras have become popular because they’re small, colorful and reminiscent of days past. If your partner pauses to take snapshots of sunsets and scenic views, they might love seeing their pictures on film.

They could enjoy how the pictures print instantly after taking them so nothing ever stores on an invisible cloud. You can immediately hang them or stick them in scrapbooks, which could be the second part of your gift if your partner loves crafting too.

8. Insulated Coffee Mug

Pouring your coffee before running out the front door in the morning might save you time, but you likely end up with a mug full of cold coffee by the time you get to work or school.

Save your partner from the disappointment of an unintended cold brew by giving them an insulated coffee mug this Christmas. Find one in the right size and color to match what they like and how much coffee or tea they drink.

9. Meal Plan Subscription

Sometimes it might feel like everyone’s getting their food delivered to their homes now. Meal plan subscriptions are popular because they make meals easy and healthy nutrition even easier.

Find a subscription service that matches your partner’s dietary preferences and your gift budget. There are all kinds of services for vegans, vegetarians and even gluten-free diets. They’ll enjoy the fun of not cooking for a couple of months, especially when they don’t need to pay for it.

10. Modern Record Player

Vinyl has come back in a big way and for good reason. It has a unique sound that people love. Most musical artists release their new singles and albums on vinyl as well as online. Your partner can hang the records they love around their living space and listen to the songs whenever they want to feel like their favorite artists are in the room with them.

Think About Their Interests

These are some of the most popular, unconventional Christmas gifts for your partner this year. Think about their interests and what they love to get them the best presents ever.