How To Keep Your Feet Warm In Winter

How To Keep Your Feet Warm In Winter

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It is very hard to keep our feet warm in the winter season. If your feet become cold it will be very uncomfortable for you to do snow sleeping, ice jumping and working out of the house. Sometimes working boots, snow sleeping boots, ice fishing boots or other boots are not enough to prevent this cold and keep your feet warm.  To keep your feet warm you can follow some instructions and tricks. Some advice are given below to keep your feet warm.

Always Use Waterproof Boots

You have to buy the perfect shoes for winter season. Before going out of the house make sure that the boots you are wearing are waterproof. Water can not touch your feet during the winter season. You really do not want that.

Your socks will become damp and wet feet can not stay warm. There are many waterproof boots available in the market and those boots are not so costly.

I also use these work boots while I work during the winter season.


Choose Your Socks Perfectly

You can not use the socks which are too thick. It will hamper the blood circulation of your toes. Your toes will not breathe perfectly. Do not use socks which are made with cotton. If you use cotton socks your feet will sweat a lot and the socks will become wet.

So, ultimately, it will not keep your feet warm. If you have working boots or other winter boots then you should use thinner socks.

And if you have normal shoes like sneakers then you should use thicker socks. In this case I will suggest you to use merino wool socks. These socks are available in the market.These socks are very comfortable and itch free. These socks will definitely keep your feet dry and warm. I also tried these socks.

If you don’t like merino wool socks and your shoes are too tight then you can try linear socks also. This will help.


Buy Winter Footbed

Sometimes ordinary footbeds of your boots can not prevent the cold which are coming from under your sole. In this case you can use winter footbeds which are available in the market. These footbeds are very comfortable to wear and keep your feet warm.


You Can Use Toe Warmers

If it is too cold outside of the house you can use toe warmers. These toe warmers are for serious cold. You can find these toe warmers in the market easily and they are not so costly.

Extra Pair Of  Socks

Your feet will sweat. It is natural. If you work or travel all day long your socks will become wet. And your feet will become cold. To solve this problem you can buy an extra pair of socks.

You can change the socks when it is necessary. One extra pair of socks is enough.


Don’t  Drink Coffee And Tea

Even if the cold is very strong you should have to stay away from coffee and tea. It will not help you to reduce the cold. If you are a smoker then please don’t smoke also.

These will hamper your blood circulation and eventually you will feel the cold even more. You can drink warm water.


In The House After The Job

When you come back home after running, hiking or from work you have to take care of your feet also. You have to keep your feet warm. You can follow the steps which are given below.


Wash Your Feet Perfectly

When you come back home put off the socks and wash your feet. Otherwise, bacteria will attack your feet. You can use warm water.


Thermal Socks

After cleaning your feet you can use thermal socks to keep your feet warm. If you do not have these socks then you can use wool socks or cotton socks.

You can warm your socks a little before wearing those socks. Heated socks can warm your feet quickly. I always do this trick.


Running And Hiking

For hiking purposes, if the socks become wet then you should strap the socks outside of your bag for some time.

When they become dry you can wear them again. If you are a winter runner you can do the same thing. It will help.


For Very Cold Or Numb Feet

Sometimes our feet get so cold that we can not feel our feet. It is disturbing. But you can easily solve this problem. You have to use some hot water and apply on your feet. You can gently do some massage on your feet.

It will help to circulate blood through your toes easily again. Then your feet will be okay again.

Hot Tub, Rice Bag, Hot Water Bottle

There are some other techniques also. You can use hot tub. you can also use a rice bag. Rice bag can absorb heat. You just have to heat up the rice bag by using the oven and then wrap the bag around your feet.

You can use a bottle of hot water. It can warm up your feet very quickly. You have to put the bottle under your feet. Do not forget to change the water when it becomes cold again.


You Can Use Pillow Cases

If you don’t have rice bag then you can use pillow cases to warm up your feet. Pillow cases are thick. They can easily warm up your feet if you wrap them around your feet perfectly.


Adjust Your Room Temperature

If the room temperature is low all these instructions will not work. So, you have to maintain the room temperature. Close all your doors and windows. You can use a heater to control the temperature.

You can easily find these heaters in the market. These heaters are not so costly.


Do  Some Exercise

After warming up your feet you can do some exercise.I also do some exercise in this case. At first, you just have to walk for several minutes.

Then stretch your feet. Bend your feet and toes as well. Do the whole process several times. Your will feel much better.



You have to be more careful about your feet during winter season.if your feet become cold you can not do anything comfortably.

You have to think about your feet before leaving for work, during the work and after the work if you want to keep them warm all the time.

Follow these instructions. If these instructions do not help you, please, go and see a doctor. If the reason of your cold feet is known it can be easily cured.