Travel with Kids on VW Cars

Travel with Kids on VW Cars

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When we talk about traveling with kids, many things come in our minds. These things may be from food to water, sitting to sleeping, sunshine to rainy and many more such elements. Traveling with kids is not easy as it seems to be, but here you can make it not just comfortable but very fun-filled also with the help of VW cars like VW California or VW Multivan.

Babysitting Chair:

One of the toughest tasks is to let your baby sit properly. These cars come with the features to accommodate babies, teens, adults and olds, everyone, according to their comfort. Here babies can relax in the comfortable babysitting chairs. While letting your baby sit here, you need not worry about their comfort.


Kids are considered to feel hungry too often. They demand foods even without caring about the place and condition. They know they are hungry, nothing else. In such a condition what you can trust these VW cars. These cars have some cooking sections support also in the vehicles where you can cook the meal in the real gas stove as these cars have real gas stoves and even a sync facility is there to help during cooking.

Outdoor Eating:

These cars come with the facility to let you enjoy the picnic or outdoor dining. It comes with some removable and foldable chairs which can be used to eat outside. But what if it is raining outside, or the weather is too hot, and much sunshine is there. There are shades attached to these cars which can be opened and set any time you need them to stay protected against rain or sun.

Extra Floor:

New floors!! It seems to be strange but it’s true. In these cars, you can create one additional story also to let your kids safe while enjoying the other facilities like TV, open area above the car, etc.

Dining Table Inside:

Kids are too naughty some times that parents do not want to let them go out and arrange all the fooding inside or some time you also want to enjoy the foods inside the cars. These cars provide you with the facility of an adjustable dining table which can easily be created and removed as per the need.

Drawers and Racks:

When you are with kids on travel, you need to keep many small to big things in proper order just like home to find them easily whenever you need. In these multi van or California cars, you will find small drawers and racks also with sufficient space inside to keep all the essential things in proper order.

Sleeping Bed:

Sleeping bed and mattresses are one of the best luxurious faculty it provides. The chairs in these cars are designed in such a way that at any moment, you can convert them into a comfortable bed with cozy mattresses. This facility is not just useful for kids but adults as well when they want to relax sometime during a long journey. These cars can be better known here on Autopartspro.co.uk in a more detailed way.

Automatic Doors:

It’s a common problem you come across most often in your life when your hands are full of things, and you need to open the doors of cars. In such situations first, you keep the stuff down and then open the doors, which is very irritating sometimes. In these cars, you will get automatic doors which you can open or close with just a click of a small remote button.

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Foldable and Sliding Curtain:

These cars come with a select type of curtain which you can easily fold or mount as per your need for the outer view of sunshine. With these, you will enjoy the ride even in the harsh sunlight comfortably.

Basic Features:

Along with these extra features these cars also include all the essential functions of a vehicle like audio and video facility, air conditioner, jerk-free ride, etc.


So these were the few glimpses of the very amazing VW cars cum mobile home. Yes, these you can mention as mini mobile homes also as it provides you with almost all the basic facilities which you want at your house to live comfortably along with your kids and partner.