Top Family Cars of 2019

Top Family Cars of 2019

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Safety. Value. Comfort. Cool. These are the components of the ideal family cars.

Safety always first

As a parent, security matters. Heck, as a individual, safety matters also. And that is why the compiles their yearly top picks list. Split into categories based on car type, the safest automobiles include everything in the Hyundai Accent into the BMX X3.

Keeping up with carpool asks a car that can seat more than three at the backseat. And that means you want an SUV or minivan. The top 2019 selections in these classes include:

The experts behind the selections are not the only ones making all the choices. Sometimes you want to understand what actual people like in a new vehicle. And that is why publishes annual top consumer rated automobile listings.

Parents that are interested in something bigger than a sedan, but are not into minivans, might want to browse the listing of”Best Consumer Rated SUVs of 2019.” The winners in this class include:

But if you do need a minivan, these would be the top consumer selections for the year:

Honda Odyssey
Dodge Grand Caravan
Chrysler Pacifica
Toyota Sienna