Top Children’s Birthday Party Invitation Tips You Need to Know

Top Children’s Birthday Party Invitation Tips You Need to Know

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Is your child’s birthday coming soon? For all your party planning needs, you need to remember that it helps to have every detail planned out for a fun-filled and memorable birthday party, from the theme to the invitations down to the party favors. This article gives you some tips to ensure that your invitations will go well with your child’s birthday party.

Giving your child a birthday party that they will remember in years to come is a must. It becomes a happy memory that they will fondly revisit and look back on. However, planning for a birthday party isn’t as rosy and ideal, especially when you have a busy parenting schedule. Worst case scenario is you end up whipping something up at the last minute, which makes everything much more stressful and frantic for you. To avoid this from happening, try taking a few minutes out of your day to consider every detail that goes into your child’s birthday party. For instance, a week leading up to the celebration, you make arrangements on Monday for the food, some purchases on Tuesday for party favors, etcetera.

As you undertake all the planning that you need to do for the upcoming birthday party, you might stop and wonder if it is still relevant to send out birthday invitations in this day and age. After all, setting the date is only one email away to the parents of your child’s friends, and this becomes one less factor to think about and execute. As tempting as opting out of birthday invitations may be, there are plenty of merits to sending them out to the guests and participants of your child’s birthday party.

Why You Should Still Send Out Birthday Party Invitations

Don’t believe it when they tell you those birthday party invitations are things of the past. Our reasons below should bust this myth and convince you to send some to the party guests.

Birthday Party Invitations Can Help Set the Theme of Your Party

One of the things that kids look forward to during birthday parties is, of course, the theme. Whatever the theme of your child’s birthday party, this encourages kids to be playful and just to have fun. Because you can decorate birthday party invitations, whichever you choose, you can make sure that they match the celebration’s theme. Once the participants and guests receive the invitations, they will immediately look forward to the gathering. Being able to do so is especially relevant for kids who are visual learners. You can be sure that kids will jump in excitement and look forward to your child’s birthday party once they see your fun-filled invitation. Additionally, sending out invitations gives party guests ideas of dressing for your party or what gift to bring.

Birthday Invitations Are Easier to Recall

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with sending emails to your child’s friends’ parents to inform them of the date, time, and place of your birthday party, one could argue that this is a bad idea. The recipients could easily overlook the invitation, especially when they, too, have hectic schedules. We all know that a lot of correspondence is through email, which means that the email you will send regarding your child’s birthday party might just find itself buried beneath rows of work emails or others. Having a physical reminder like a birthday party invitation is far easier to remember.

Birthday Party Invitations Will Later Serve as Memorabilia

Often wonderfully and thoughtfully decorated, a birthday party invitation will later serve as a physical reminder of all the fun during the celebration; this goes for both your child and their friends.

What to Include in Your Children’s Birthday Party Invitations

If our reasons above have convinced you to not opt-out of the invitations for your child’s upcoming birthday, planning for this means knowing the components that people expect to find on any invitation.

The Name of the Beloved Birthday Celebrant

Your child’s name should be the main highlight of the invitation. After all, the birthday party is in their honor. This section can also include the age that your child is turning.

The Date, Time, and Place of the Birthday Party

This section should be the most detailed of your invitation. Remember that your birthday party invitations will not only be seen by your child’s friends but by their parents as well. Naturally, it will be the kids’ parents who will arrange the logistics when getting to your child’s birthday party. Your invitation should be precise and exact as to the date, time, and place of the celebration.

The Point Person to RSVP

Like the previous component, you need to set out the details of whom and how the participants and guests should RSVP. This section is not only convenient for the birthday party guest but for you, as well. It will apprise you of how to finalize the accommodations ahead of your child’s birthday party.

Some Optional Components to Include

While the three previous components are the most essential, there are other details you can choose to include on the birthday party invitation should they become relevant. For example, you can incorporate elements of the party’s theme, costumes to wear when necessary, or objects to bring if you are holding a sports-themed party or slumber party.

How to Design Your Children’s Birthday Party Invitations

When your child’s birthday party features a particular theme, designing the invitations becomes pretty straightforward as you have enough references. But if not, you can also choose to create your child’s birthday party invitations according to their favorite colors, activities, or cartoon characters.

Some Great Birthday Party Invitation Samples

To give you an idea of how to decorate your child’s birthday party invitations, look through our samples below. You can also incorporate any of these samples with ease and convenience.

  • Kids Birthday Invitation

Download this Kids Birthday Invitation here.

  • Lively Birthday Invitation

Download this Lively Birthday Invitation here.

  • Babies’ Birthday Invitation

Download this Babies’ Birthday Invitation here.

  • Sparkly Birthday Invitation

Download this Sparkly Birthday Invitation here

  • Cute Birthday Party Invite

Download this Cute Birthday Party Invitation here.

  • Toddler Birthday Invitation

Download this Toddler Birthday Invitation here.

  • Kid’s Birthday Invite

Download this Kid’s Birthday Invitation here.

  • Sweet Birthday Invitation

Download this Sweet Birthday Invitation here.

  • Child’s Birthday Invitation

Download this Child’s Birthday Invitation here.

All these invitation samples are available for download and are fully customizable ahead of your child’s birthday party. For more wonderfully-designed invitation templates, browse the most comprehensive selection over at TemplateMonkey.com.