Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Year

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Year

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If you’re looking to upgrade your home this year– but want to save on costs–DIYing is the way to go. A single project may only cost you a hundred dollars, whereas renovations may run up to thousands. The best part about simple DIY projects is making an entire transformative look to a room.

Most of the projects listed here are easy to work on without putting a dent in your wallet. Here are a few home upgrade ideas to take with you.

1. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you have that one room that looks dull and uninviting, freshen it up with vibrant color. Or go neutral with white to brighten it up. Painting is one of the most common upgrades that homeowners choose to tackle.

Many go for this type of upgrade because you can replace the old look with a whole new aesthetic.

The best way to paint like a pro is to go for a high-quality brush and roller. The better the paintbrush, the more coverage you get. Overall, it will save you time and help you avoid re-application in the process.

2. Add Charm With Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the top and easiest upgrades that people make. It can add value and style to your home, and it’s an inexpensive renovation.

Most of the work involves measuring, cutting and installing the pieces. However, you can upgrade a plain-looking room in just one weekend with the right tools.

3. Revive an Old Bathroom With Caulk

You know what an old bathroom looks like with old caulking. The brown tinge and brittle edges make way for mildew to occur. Water can also seep through and turn an entire frame into a mushy substance.

If you see this around the sink, tub and wherever tile lays, it’s time for a fresh look with new caulk. Fortunately, it’s cheap and applying it is easy.

Consider adding a dehumidifier if you’re also concerned about mildew forming in other places–such as the basement or attic. You want humidity levels to be below 50% in your home to prevent mold and mildew.

4. Create an Overall Appeal With New Lighting

Lighting efficiency can truly make a difference in your home with aesthetics. With the proper lighting, you can bring a room to life.

Poor lighting can make any room look dark and cramped. Meanwhile, a brightly lit room can look open, welcoming and airy.

There are several simple ways you can brighten up your home. One of the simpler methods is to buy a table or floor lamp. By strategically placing them in dark corners, you can watch the room come to life.

You can also layer lighting with table lamps to make the room feel warmer and cozy. In addition, replacing outdated ceiling fixtures can give you more modern touch.

5. Add Removable Wallpaper

The fun trend that creates an entire look to a room is by adding removable wallpaper. Go with a bold Moroccan-inspired design or a simple geometric pattern. Adding removable wallpaper is simple, but it will also make it look luxurious.

Once you’re ready to opt for a new look, easily remove the wallpaper by peeling it off. Consider covering the kids’ bedroom on the main wall for an easy project that takes little time. They’ll be excited to see a fantastic dinosaur or mermaid pattern each morning they wake up.

Before you make a purchase decision, look out for wallpaper that’s high-quality and easily removable. There are tons of brands you can buy online today.

6. Upgrade Window Treatments

Window treatments are often one of the most overlooked upgrades. Many homeowners leave the windows looking bare and install ordinary blinds for privacy. This part of the home upgrade process should be fun, though!

There are plenty of beautiful pattern choices to sift through when adding curtains. Although there are numerous window treatment options, determine which treatment will look best.

It’s important to think about how the light will work in your space. Then, you can consider selecting anything from roller shades, roman blinds or floor-to-ceiling curtains.

7. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Dark cabinets can sometimes make your kitchen feel drabby. You don’t want to be in a room–where you spend much of your time–that makes you feel gloomy. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace them.

As long as the framing and doors are structurally sound, all you have to do is paint. The only tools you’ll need for this weekend project is:

  • Stong cleaner
  • Sandpaper
  • A solid paintbrush
  • Some elbow grease

It won’t cost you much money to make a new transformation either. It may be an upward of $200, depending on your purchased materials. However, that’s a fraction of the cost compared to an entire cabinetry replacement.

Simple Updates You Can Afford

As you can see, there are countless simple ways to upgrade your home without the mess and massive expense. Sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed to redo your entire home. However, it’s best to focus on one room at a time.

Consider which room has the most outdated look, then start getting to work.