Should You Put Your Child on a Leash?

Should You Put Your Child on a Leash?

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Does your crazy child have that look in their eye? The look that says they are prepared to transfer their small legs into high gear, and run as far away from you as you can? Anyone who is ever pushed a crying toddler in a stroller while pursuing an ever-curious preschooler might not see leashing just as much of a jump in child rearing. However, some parents and psychologists assert that not only is leashing a child demeaning (hello, that is a potential astronaut, not your golden retriever), but the reply to wandering kids is not a rope it is firmer discipline. Parenting it is so complicated. So you need to decide yourself if you want to use leash for your child or not.

It is important to note no major pediatric organization, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, has spoken out against child leashes.

What Are Child Leashes?

When you think about a leash, you likely think of dog leashes. End of the leash attaches to your dog’s collar. The other end is held by you so that you can ensure that your dog doesn’t run away.

Child leashes aren’t much different. They’re designed to comfortably attach to your child as you secure the other end. The objective of child leashes is to keep your child close with minimal strain and effort for you.

There are three main types of child leashes:

  • Child leash harnesses: These child leashes are worn by your child on their body to maintain your child’s ability to move while preventing the leash from becoming tangled.
  • Child leash backpacks: This type of leash is attached to a child-sized backpack your toddler can wear. The leash is often removable.
  • Wrist link straps: Wrist link straps feature wrist cuffs that wrap around your child’s wrist and your wrist. They are made especially for keeping your child within arm’s reach.

When to Use Child Leashes

With everything, there is an obvious time and place when something is acceptable or not. When it comes to child leashes, there’s no denying that they can come in hand during a busy day at Disneyland or while hiking. However, when might not be the best time to use them? If your child is young enough to sit in a shopping cart, there’s no shame in that! It can make your job as a parent easier as you work through your Target shopping list. There is a gray area however when it comes to how long it is deemed passable for a child to wear a leash in public. As a parent, it is up to you to evaluate the maturity and behavior of your child when deciding if using a harness is needed (if at all) in various situations.

Whether it’s a leash, wristband, or cute backpack thing, the goal is to keep our children safe. And only you can decide you need to use them or not.

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