Review: 4 of the Best Baby Socks

Review: 4 of the Best Baby Socks

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Newborn babies to toddlers needed protection for their feet. Although they are not yet able to walk or run, it serves as their defense against elements.

However, they have tiny feet that most parents tend to buy the wrong size and type of baby socks. Thus, we come up with a short review of five of the most popular socks today.


The primary purpose of this clothing it to keep babies’ feet feel warm and secure. Since they are not moving around yet, they quickly get chilled. Most of their body warmth escapes through their feet and heads.

According to studies, difficulty in sleeping, poor weight gain, fussiness and lack of appetite among children is associated with them being too cold. By putting their socks on, we ca help reduce these symptoms.

Likewise, parents love to put on colorful and fancy socks on their babies to match their outfits. Having a nice stash of baby socks at home has become a must-have for most families. Well, a baby doesn’t need to wear a new pair of booties or socks all the times. It still depends on his or her environment and the weather conditions.


The problem is that most pairs of socks seem to fall off most often since babies are so small and tend to get restless and fidgety while sleeping. If you also tried a bunch of different socks for your little one but to no avail, it is time to review the features and characteristics of a good product.

Not all of these items were equally made, so it is essential that you buy a sock that is not too tight or too large. One pair of socks per day will suffice. Booties are a great alternative as well as infant outfits that have matching booties.

Socks that are too tight can impede your baby’s healthy foot development. Hence, choose the one that is one size larger, so there’s plenty of room for growth.

Tight socks can also reduce blood and air circulation and cause sock-line hyper-pigmentation. While this is harmless, it can result in a permanent scar.


  • Instead of buying a small sock to fit in, choose the one that has an elastic top as it stays on the feet.
  • Always be on the safe side by choosing the product that is made of natural materials.
  • Buy thin and thicker socks so you can alternate them according to weather condition. Pediatricians suggest that newborn should go barefoot so they toes can wiggle and move especially during summer days when it is warmer.

Aside from the colors and designs, comfort and durability should come first when choosing the best baby socks.


To help you narrow down your list of the most popular and top rated baby socks today, below is our top five from various brands.

Jefferies Socks Three Pairs of Organic Cotton Socks

1. Jefferies Socks Three Pairs of Organic Cotton Socks

Jefferies is a well-known brand founded in Burlington, North Carolina. They are makers of children clothes and accessories. If you are looking for a durable sock that has grippy feet and ribbed cuffs, their three pairs of socks are ideal for you. Each set is composed of three pairs.


  • It consists of 70% organic cotton materials, 33% spandex and 27% nylon. It perfectly fits babies from 0-1 year old.
  • Helps regulate baby’s temperature to keep him warm on chilly nights and comfortable during the day.
  • It is also hand and machine washable so you can easily keep them clean.
  • Unlike other brands and types of socks, this one doesn’t bind their ankles.
  • According to customers, the socks perfectly stay on their babies foot despite them being a restless sleeper.
  • An excellent sock at an affordable price that most moms and dads recommend.


  • This item suits babies with long skinny feet but not those that are chubby as they tend to run a bit small than their supposed size.

2. Goumikids Goumiboots Soft Stay-On Booties

Jefferies is a well-known brand founded in Burlington, North Carolina. They are makers of children clothes and accessories. If you are looking for a durable sock that has grippy feet and ribbed cuffs, their three pairs of socks are ideal for you. Each set is composed of three pairs.


  • Perfect for newborn infants age 0-3 months. The Stay-On Booties’ two-part closing mechanism ensures a better fit.
  • It can accommodate a growing child’s foot with its roomy design.
  • The product is made from breathable, organic and lightweight materials that offer comfort in the summer and warmth during winter.
  • Since it is composed of organic cotton, the product is durable and long lasting compared to others that went through various unnatural treatments.
  • It is free from toxins and antimicrobial which most parents like to guarantee baby’s safety from germs.
  • These booties offer maximum protection for newborn children with its 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo-derived viscose composition.


  • Some customers reported that they are not happy with the sizing as a pair seems a bit smaller or way too big for their child.

Kakalu 5 Pairs 12-36 Months Baby Girl

3. Kakalu 5 Pairs 12-36 Months Baby Girl

This cute upside down cartoon non-skid socks are ideal for babies age 1 1/2 to 3 years old. It is a combination of 80% combed cotton, 5% elastin and 15% polyamide that keeps every infant to toddler walker comfortable and protected from harsh elements while staying stylish.


  • The package comes with five pairs of bright colored and soft baby toddler socks: white, pink, light purple, hot pink and fuchsia. These are perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays and baby showers.
  • It had bottoms wth non-skid materials, rubber soles and beaded for additional safety of the wearer. It also has a frame feet of 3.9 – 4.7 inches, so it is sure to grow with your child’s foot.
  • The sock is stretchable and elastic thus; it offers that solid grip that is not too tight to accommodate the rapid growth of every infant.
  • The product is soft, breathable, odor resistant, absorbent and non-slip. The design is unique for play as well.
  • It suits even the most sensitive skin and prevents a toddler from slipping and falling while they are still learning how to walk.


  • These pairs of socks are perfect for summer, spring, and autumn but not for winter according to some customers. The problem in sizing is also common.

4. Fly-love® 5 Pairs Cute Baby Toddler Stripes Anti Slip Skid Socks

We find these pair from Fly-love adorable and nice-looking. Aside from that, it also offers comfort, better fit and protection for babies 6-12 months old. It comes with cute animal cartoons design that your child will surely love.


  • It is composed of 75% cotton, 5% Lycra, and 20% nylon materials. These No-Show crew boat socks are perfect for both boys and girls.
  • With its anti-skid sole and slip resistant bottom, your child is safe and protected from slipping when they start to learn walking.
  • The package also comes with a Thank You card and one-piece key chain which makes it an ideal gift set for all types of occasions.
  • It is available in different animal patterns with bright colors and designs that are catchy and stylish.
  • Because it is a crew boat sock, you can be sure that there is no miss shaping. The manufacturer also ensures no fading and and shrinking despite multiple washes.
  • These are great alternatives for shoes when your tot is still training to walk.


  • Some say that the socks are on the smaller side and the elastic is a bit tight hence, it doesn’t suits a chunkier baby. Also, the non-slip bumps tend to come off immediately.


For this category, we choose the Goumikids Goumiboots Soft Stay-On Booties as our winner. While this pair has a simple design compared to other products on our list, we like that it fits our baby’s growing foot. The two-part closure system also relieves our constant struggle with falling socks. These boots are comfortable to put on and off.

It’s machine washable materials make them sturdy and reliable while keeping your baby warmth and comfy. While they may run big in size, consider it good as it allows your little one’s foot to develop.