Roan Marita stroller review

Roan Marita stroller review

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Stroller is one of the first purchases you make for a new baby. Also it is one of the most important ones. If it is your first baby, you don’t have any experience in “baby stuff”, well at least I didn’t. That made the whole process of finding the best stroller a lot more complicated. Today the market is full of different options and by that I mean designs, functions, comfort-ability and of course – prices. A you might guested, I decided to go for Roan Marita 3 in 1 stroller, which now I’ve been using for a year. Because of that I feel confident in giving you guys and honest review.

First of all I will talk about why I decided to buy Roan Marita 3 in 1 stroller. The main reasons are:

  • Spacious cradle;
  •  Inflatable wheels;
  • Excellent amortization makes it comfortable for all types of roads;
  • Vintage look that I really love;
  • Price – it’s really affordable choice, of you’re on a budget.

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These were my expectations and things that helped me to decide to invest in this stroller. Now, after a year of using it I can talk more about reality and if it was as good as it sounds.

I will start with the things that really impressed me. Maybe stroller design isn’t the most important thing, but when I saw this stroller in real life – it took my breath away! It looked really expensive and good quality, even though the price is really affordable. When you Buy Roan Marita 3 in 1, you get everything you need, which is car seat that can be use with the stroller, really spacious cradle, sport addition – for when your baby is old enough to sit up on his own and a diaper bad, that attaches to the stroller handle. This is really convenient, because in one purchase you have everything you need for new baby. The amortization is one of the things that makes me just love this stroller. We live in a suburb near forest. That means that roads here are not in the best condition. In first months we tried to take the baby out in a fresh air as much as possible, so we were really happy that inflatable wheels and good amortization made really comfortable to ride.

Now the things that weren’t so pleasant. First of all the stroller with attached cradle is really heavy. In one hand big cradle was an advantage, bet when it came to a point when I had to take it of the base and put in a car – it was a nightmare. Maybe others can use the car seat instead of cradle while traveling, but I wasn’t comfortable doing that… For some reason I felt very protective of my newborn baby and cold weather, lights in a supermarket wasn’t a thing I wanted to deal with. So, traveling with this stroller wasn’t comfortable at all. Now we’re using only sport addition which isn’t so heavy and that makes my life a lot easier!

Another thing that bothered me – the handle. In this model you can’t change it position. The only way to make your baby look the other way – take off the car seat, cradle or sports addition (whichever you’re using), turn it ant put back on, which is a lot, especially when your baby is asleep. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re walking in a park and suddenly the sun hits your baby’s face, you have to turn the other way or prepare for a challenge. Not a fan of this feature.

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So, if your interested wether I buy this stroller again, the answer is no. It wasn’t horrible or anything like that. But in my opinion stroller is something that is worth to invest your money in. If you have extra money to invest in yours and baby’s comfort – do that! It will make your life a lot easier. On the other hand, it is a nice choice for family on a budget. Just be ready to deal with some inconveniences.

Also have in mind that is is my personal opinion and others might have a different one. Good luck in finding the best stroller for you and your baby!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below. I would be happy to help!