How to remove baby poop stains

How to remove baby poop stains

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Motherhood is such an incredible journey, full of joy, new experiences and … baby poop. Well yes, this deal is so so real. I don’t think that everyone who doesn’t have children fully understand, what it is like to deal with those poop explosions. I always thought that everyone is overreacting, how bad could it be? Now, after a year of being a new mom I understand that the struggle is real. One of the main reasons, why poop explosions are that annoying – destroyed outfits. If you’re breastfeeding, your baby’s poop stains are one of the hardest to clean. There are thousands of articles about how to clean them and today I will share what actually worked for me.

I’ll start with some reasons why the explosion happened in the first place. One of the reasons could be diaper, which aren’t the best quality. Try to change the brand and see if this happens again.If you’re wondering, when we decided to use these Pampers diapers, we didn’t get any explosions.

Another reason is constipation. If your baby didn’t do his business in a few days, wait for an explosion, because it’s happening. In this case there is not much you can do to avoid it, but you really need to know what to do afterwards. So here are all the steps that you need to follow to achieve best results.

  1.  First and most important, soak baby’s clothes in cold water. This will make sure that you’ll remove as much poop stain as possible. If you don’t have an oportnity to deal with the stain right away, leave it in cold water until you have time. All those times I just left those clothes dry, outfits were destroyed and I couldn’t remove stains. So learn from my mistakes!
  2. Then wash baby’s clothes in warm water on a normal cycle. Warm water helps remove stains so be sure to set your washer right. I really recomend washing those stained clothes with Oxi clean, it worked perfectly for us.
  3. After washing, hang the item to dry. Don’t wash your dryer because wet items might look clean, but after drying stains can come out. It would be perfect if you could lay the item to dry in the sunlight. Sun is natural way to remove baby poop stains and it actually does wonders! So use this tip and non of your baby’s outfits will be destroyed.

Dealing with stains might not be as easy as it seems. Baby poop is one of the best examples. Still, if you follow these steps, there is a good chance to save those precious clothes. Also you can change Oxi clean remover with the things you use at home. Maybe some diy stains remover? I would like to hear your recommendations. Even if you know how to make homemade pet stain removers, leave the recipe down in the comment section below.

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With love – daymom