Cringe Worthy Hollywood Vs Wrestling Moments

Cringe Worthy Hollywood Vs Wrestling Moments

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A lot of tempers always flare when it comes to wrestling.  And, this is why you can play wrestling themed online casino games to vent out some of that work frustration. Here are three times Hollywood crashed with the wrestling world at some point.

When John Cena Attacked Ken Jong

Jeong and Piven made an appearance on RAW to advertise their new film, The Goods. Jeong appeared in a segment with John Cena on the show. Jeong ambushed Cena from behind with a steel rod in the final segment of the show, only for Cena to strike. Jeong then acts as if it’s not him. Just at climax, Cena lifts Jeong up in a Commando Press and slams him into Jack Swagger and Carlito, who were both watching from outside the ring. Jeong then did appear on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to call out Cena, claiming that he had been pretty angry.

Joan Hart and Kevin Owens Twitter Feud

Melissa Joan Hart, an actress, turned to Twitter in 2015 to express her displeasure with Kevin Owens. Despite admitting that she’s only a casual fan and south african casino player, the former Clarissa and Sabrina found fault with the retired NXT and Universal Champion’s wrestling techniques.  In the midst of a RAW broadcast, Joan Hart labeled Owens sluggish, something he didn’t like. The two were involved in a heated twitter battle.   Owens wound up blocking the actress to put a stop to it, despite the fact that many WWE fans supported Owens. Big E and Kofi Kingston of The New Day supported Owens, while Goldust supported the actress.

When Jon Stewart Was Given the Attitude Adjustment by John Cena

When Jon Stewart’s stint as host of The Daily Show came to an end, he was embroiled in a fight with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. As a member of The Authority, Rollins ridiculed Stewart in a Daily Show-style segment. This resulted in Stewart appearing at SummerSlam, ditching Cena and letting Rollins to not only defend his championship but made him take Cena’s United States championship.