Best Late Bloomers in Boxing History

Best Late Bloomers in Boxing History

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Boxing has been there for a while, dominating the sporting scene from the 60’s. The days of Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson to current age of Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather. Every generation has that spectacular boxer who creates an indomitable territory. There are some boxer who actually bloomed in their late ages. That moment when fans where no longer hopeful of a comeback  They rose to fame, that same fame portrayed by meilleur machine a sous en ligne games. Online casino games have been attracting a lot of players across all four corners of the world. Let us look at some of the late bloomers in detail.

Rocky Marciano

Nicknamed Brockton Blockbuster, Marciano had a record of 49-0-0. Managing to defeat a total of 43 boxers, he had truly built a Marciano territory. In 1953, Marciano blazed the ring fighting against Joe Walcott. It was a match not to be forgotten. He was once labelled as poor heavy puncher, who wasted energy on pointless positions. It was a stigma he grew up with during his career. However, at 28 years, Marciano found his footing and became a phenomenal force in world boxing.


Bernard Hopkins

If we are talking about late bloomers, yes, we mean later bloomers, Hopkins comes to mind. He was talented, everyone knew that but what people didn’t know is that he likes online gambling south Africa games. The commentators themselves often elevated his prowess but he lacked that spark to clinch wins. The major blow came when he was 25 years old. Getting into the ring against Roy Jones. It was one of those biggest defeats in his career. At 35, he picked up his gloves and decided to activate that spark.


Sonny Liston

At 32, Liston became dominant in world boxing. In 1964, he lost to Ali, the Muslim ring god. It was a major blow and gave birth to a series of defeats. However, as we mentioned at 32, he knocked off Floyd Patterson in a match that attracted a lot of spectators.