A Mom’s Guide to Buying the Best Belly Band

A Mom’s Guide to Buying the Best Belly Band

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Congratulations moms-to-be! As you anticipate the day that you will finally meet your newborn baby, chances are there are plenty of physical changes you are experiencing now. Your growing tummy needs only the best belly band in town to help make things more comfortable.

Only a well-fitting band can help you transform not only your pregnancy look but also the demanding changes of a growing belly.


Belly bands are like saviors or a unique gadget for pregnant women. However, it is different from maternity belts. Using a belly band, you can still wear the regular pants you are wearing without spending more bucks on maternity clothes.

It offers support and allows you to still use your wardrobe with its thin yet, sturdy layer coverage so you can easily slide up your pants. While there is a myriad of styles and brands of this product nowadays, it is specifically designed to improve the posture and reduce pain during the second to third trimester of pregnancy.


First, comfort should be of utmost importance. Since you will be wearing it most of the time until your delivery or beyond that, it should be comfy when it is on. Likewise, it should help ease the pressure off while keeping your pants up and your movements manageable. Aim for the one that will not make you itch or irritate the skin.

We also would want the belly band to made from quality materials but won’t make us spend a fortune when buying them.

Choose the one that is machine washable and easy to clean. Pick the product that suits your budget and meets your needs.

Remember that you will be wearing it underneath your clothes so you might as well look for a belly band that is discreet and not bulky.

Consider ease of use as well. Other moms-to-be prefer bands with Velcro closures while others choose those that have hook-and-eye closures.

We have different preferences and what could be the best for others might not be the case for us. Thus, aside from asking around about belly bands, check on reviews to see what works.


While a belly band might seem an unnecessary item, it gives plenty of benefits to expecting moms.

According to a study, pelvic and back pain is prevalent all throughout a woman’s pregnancy. It is all because of hormones changes, shifting of organs, stretching of ligaments and your growing uterus. Wearing belly bands can give you lighter support to address this uneasiness.

Joint pain is also common during pregnancy due to the increasing level of relaxin in the body. This hormone makes the hip joints less stable and loose. You can feel an excruciating, sharp pain near your tailbone. Fortunately, using a belly band can help support this area and make it more stabilize. Thus, preventing pain in the region.

The pressure and extra weight because of your growing baby bump can be a problem. You can use belly bands to distribute the weight which will relieve the pressure on your ligaments and lessen the discomfort.

Moreover, it allows users to comfortably engage in their daily routine, works, and even exercise. As a result, they can gain physical and health benefits. One of which is it facilitates good posture while preventing overextension of lower back.

Likewise, belly bands can be worn after pregnancy. It will help in the healing process of the strained and stretched ligaments due to pregnancy by providing additional support and relieving discomfort.


Wearing belly bands is highly advisable due to its advantages and benefits. However, there are other things to know before you wear one. First, experts advise wearing this garment from 3-4 hours to prevent over dependence.

Those who have sacroiliac syndrome should restrict their daily use to 2-3 hours only. Regulating the period of wearing a belly band will prevent the muscles from getting too stretched and other related damages.

Next, one should exercise accordingly to help strengthen the core muscles. If you have a risky pregnancy, it is better to consult your doctor first before using belly bands and other compression garments. We don’t want to compromise you and your babies’ safety.

Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband

This maternity band is one great garment that is said to grow with your baby because it is stretchy. Mommies also love its softness and comfortability. The materials used are mostly nylon and cotton so it is easy to wash and dry.

Users also like its stay-put silicone strip which prevents it from falling regardless how busy your day was. Likewise, it has a seamless look on it and is not bulky compared to other belly bands. You can always wear it with confidence, comfort, and style.


It was well-constructed and highly durable with a thick luxurious knit, soft and plush material.

You can either wear it in full length and double it up for additional support and coverage.

One can wear it at the onset of pregnancy until a few weeks after their delivery.

It can accommodate those with smaller hips and wider hips and are available in four sizes.

Composed of 84% nylon and 16% cotton so you can expect softness without itchiness.

It is available in white and black colors that can match every outfit.

Uses the Seamless 360° stretch technology to keep your pants up and gives you that perfect fit.

The item is machine washable.

According to customer reviews, the Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband saves them from spending money on new wardrobe.


The price varies according to the size. Larger sizes tend to be a bit pricey than the smaller size.

You can check price here


AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder

The AZMED Maternity Belt is ideal for pregnant women who are active because it is ultra-breathable. It is also perfect to use during summer when the humidity is high, and the hot weather can cause discomfort. Some days are just unbearable, so you need something airy and light yet, supportive and offers adequate coverage for your belly.

Customers prefer it because it helps them ease their hip and pelvic pain due to pregnancy. The belly band reduces the pressure while promoting good posture to prevent them from slumping. It is common among those who were already in their third trimester.


Made from soft, breathable material with sleek and streamlined design making it unnoticeable underneath the clothes.

It can fit up to 46 inches to accommodate your growing bump.

Maternity hormones can make you feel sticky but thanks to AZMED belly band, mommies can stay comfortable as possible.

It helps moms to keep their pants in place even without fastening it.

In some reviews, users find the AZMED Maternity Belt a high-quality product that can withstand hours of wearing, stretching, washing and drying.

It helps lessen the pressure on the spine to reduce back pain and pelvic pain.

Also aids in correcting posture and enhancing weak abdominal muscles.

Can be used during and after pregnancy.

One size fits all so you can use it all throughout the pregnancy.



Some find the materials itchy and cause them skin issues. We believe this is a case-to-case basis so ask your doctor first.

You can check price here


Maternity Belt – NEOtech Care ( TM ) Brand – Pregnancy Support

They say that it is the mother of all maternity bands! It is because of its strong, unique features which also provide comfort. Users like that it also grow with their growing baby and can be used all throughout the pregnancy.

As you approach the second to third trimester, expect that there will be more back pains and pelvic pains resulting to mood swings, difficulty in sleeping and less mobility on your part. This maternity band is specifically designed to give you firm support with its multiple layers and compression properties.


It has four elastic side panels for optimal air flow, added support and abdominal lift attachment.

Because of its breathability, it can be worn during summer months.

The material used is made of cotton, nylon, polyester and elastic lining which gives it the right flexibility.

The belt stays secure in place to make you feel nice and comfy without the unnecessary pressure.

Every package of it comes with an instruction booklet for easy use.

Likewise, it is entirely adjustable with its new reinforced Velcro closure.

The manufacturer promotes eco-friendly packaging.

Because it supports the lumbar region, users said that the NEOtech Care belt helps relieve their lower back pains.

It is also useful for redistributing pressure evenly with its padded abdominal area for maximum comfort.


According to some users, the Velcro is not working after a week or two of using it.

You can check price here


BT3Care Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support

The BT3Care Maternity Belt is designed to relieve spinal pressure and provide comfort for every mom as they continue to face various challenges along with their pregnancy. This maternity belt offers gentle compression for the abdominal area, corrects posture while supporting your back and keeps you active for the day’s work.

It tends to absorb excess pregnancy weight for an extended period while alleviating pains in the back, pelvic, hip and sacroiliac area.


Less bulky and has that seamless look underneath the clothes.

It helps lower the risk of instabilities in the hips and abdominal separation.

The manufacturer incorporates premium quality stretch elastic band for breathability and stability.

Comes with Velcro strap closure to ensure that perfect snug as the bump grows day-by-day.

According to some reviews, it is the best maternity band for those who are expecting twins or has a lower bump.

Perfect to use for trips or during a light workout or whenever you need an extra support on your belly.

Available in pink color.


Some users complain that their item easily got ripped and pulled apart after a couple of use.

You can check price here


Goege Waist Trimmer Belt

For trimming your waist and abdomen after pregnancy, this is the perfect belt for you. The Goege Waist Trimmer Belt is a favorite garment used in postpartum recovery as well as weight loss programs. It is made from the finest and quality materials; this belt offers maximum durability.

Moms also love the softness and lightness of the material and that it is stretchy enough. It is also ideal for protecting waist and lifting the hips while trimming the abdomen and shaping the tummy area.


Comes with an adjustable Velcro closure for security and prevention of rolling.

It features four flexible bones or four-panel abdominal binders to support your back and trim your waist.

It is available in three sizes: medium, large and extra large. Hence, it is applicable for all types and sizes of tummy.

It is a customized and unique waist belt which can effectively aid women in dealing with their post-pregnancy weight.

Aside from being lightweight and comfy, one of its advantages is its ability to improve heat insulation.

The elastic fabrics allow the skin to breathe and relax.

It offers plenty of health advantages such as an abdominal binder, lumbar support, post-surgical support, and compression.

Current users agree that the Goege Waist Trimmer Belt makes the makes them sweat even more during exercises.


Some users said that this belt is not okay as the back bunches and appear bulky. Likewise, it is not suitable for those who had c-section as it tends to hit the scar.

You can check price here

Babo Care Breathable Lower Back and Pelvic Support

Unlike other maternity bands, the Babo Care Breathable Band is ideal to be worn every day. One can use it while getting some errands done or to work or when exercising. It is due to the added strong support to the hips, belly, and waist and pelvic bones.

You can still walk and sit with ease and enjoy its seamless design. It is made from soft, breathable fabric material so there won’t be sticky feels. It stretches with you, so there’s no need to buy a larger size as your baby grows inside your tummy. It is a plus size maternity belt that can accommodate women of all shapes and sizes.


Specially designed to be worn daily with it’s wider than usual cut and flexible material.

Can also be used for post-pregnancy for more support and pain relief.

Also, promotes good posture which prevents strain on the spine and back pain.

It can fit up to size 48 and features an elastic material. Thus, you can wear it in your entire pregnancy.

Provides excellent support for the waist and back without limiting your movements.

Allows users to bend easily and to move with ease.

Every package comes with an easy step-by-step instruction for proper use and care of the belt.

The manufacturer offers 100% money back lifetime guarantee!


The Velcro closure tends to become loose after some time.

You can check price here


For this round, we choose the #1 rated maternity bandsby most users and reviewers which are the Babo Care Breathable Lower Back and Pelvic Support. We can say that everything we are looking for in a belly band is present with Babo Care. From the ease of use, breathability, skin friendly material, to its additional support and inexpensive price, it is one must-have item for all the expecting moms out there.

Plus, it has a money-back lifetime guarantee, and we are sure others can’t beat that! No wonder it is one of the most rated belly band product today. We hope that this review will help you choose the perfect belly band to aid you as you go on with your journey to Daymom!