What baby boy clothes should you get in summer?

What baby boy clothes should you get in summer?

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Summer days bring warmth and sunshine. For babies, these days bring a lot of opportunities for playdates and outdoor activities. Dressing your baby boy correctly for the summer will keep him comfortable and protected. Below are some baby boy clothes you should have in your closet in summer;

Cotton pants and t-shirts

Dressing your kid in hot and heavy clothes will prevent the risk of overheating by keeping your little one cool. Lightweight cotton clothes are perfect since they allow air to reach the body and sweat to evaporate. Cotton also prevents irritation and helps cool the skin. Cotton pants and t-shirts come in different colors and at incredible prices. Therefore, you can get your baby boy various colors and designs of cotton pants and t-shirts for different days and occasions.

Vests and short sleeve shirts

You also need a few pieces of vests and short sleeve shirts for your baby boy in summer. These clothes are lightweight and breathable. They are also comfortable and flexible to allow your baby ample movement when playing.

Sleeveless bodysuits

Your baby boy will also benefit from owning a few pieces of sleeveless bodysuits. They are lightweight enough to prevent overheating and heat rashes. The bodysuits can easily fit in a diaper bag. Therefore, if you are going on a play date or doing outdoor activities, you can carry an extra bodysuit for changing. Ensure that the bodysuits are made from breathable fabrics like lightweight cotton.


Your baby boy also needs a couple of sunhats for summer. When planning summer clothes for kids, most parents forget about the head. Pediatricians recommend wide-brimmed baby hats to shield their vulnerable heads from UV rays. Ensure that the hat is big enough to cover your baby’s ears and the back of their heads too.


Summer days are perfect for introducing your child to swimming. Therefore, you would also benefit from owning swimsuits for your child. The trick is to get baby swimsuits made from fast-drying, comfortable, and flexible materials. You can get swimsuits with more coverage to protect your child.


Whether in summer or winter, an undershirt is a must-have. However, you must ensure that the undershirt is made from lightweight material for summer. It should also be loose-fitting. Light-colored undershirts are often recommended because they do not absorb heat.


While summer days are typically warm, it is not an excuse not to dress your baby in socks. Socks help protect your baby’s feet, especially when outdoors or around the floor. However, the socks should be made from quality and lightweight material.

Lightweight nightwear

Your baby boy also needs lightweight, comfortable, and warm nightwear in summer. The nightwear should be loose-fitting and made from a breathable material, like cotton.


In addition to the clothes above, you should also consider getting baby-friendly sunscreen, an outdoor blanket, and a breathable baby carrier for your baby boy in the summer. Sunglasses and sandals should also be part of your baby boy’s summer clothing list. When picking summer clothing for your baby, you should avoid tight-fitting clothing and accessories.