How to Choose the Right Makeup During Pregnancy

How to Choose the Right Makeup During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the main reasons for daily hormonal shifts and a constantly changing complexion; trying new products can easily lead to breakouts and skin imbalances, and you may need to switch brands frequently to find the right match. It can be hard to keep up with your usual skincare and makeup routine during this important time, but all you need is a few basic products to look your best.
Here are some ways to manage your skin during pregnancy so you can round out your makeup collection with just the right products:


If you have naturally oily skin, look for moisturizers with extra oil-absorbing formulas; in some cases, you may not need an extra moisturizer at all, so check your skin’s texture throughout the day to determine how much it really needs. If your skin is naturally dry, look for moisturizers with soothing ingredients such as aloe and vitamin E; these can help you when your skin becomes especially sensitive from hormonal imbalances.



A dull complexion is common during periods of great hormonal shifts, so take the time to find a new foundation that suits your skin tone. The best choices are mineral-based that come in a powdered form; these are easy to blend and mix with different shades to create your most attractive look. Cream-based and liquid foundations can look too artificial and often lead to breakouts. You need to treat your skin as if it’s super-sensitive, and look for natural formulas that won’t irritate or cause inflammation.

Eyeliner and Shadows

Hormonal shifts often lead to increased oil production which means eyeliner and shadows have a hard time staying put. Use powder-based shadows and set them with makeup setting sprays or gels; these will help your makeup last much longer, and reduce your need to reapply throughout the day. Look for solid pencil eyeliners that you can blend and smudge to create your desired look. Liquid eyeliners can create that sharp and sophisticated look, but you’ll want a waterproof version to prevent it from running.


Cream-based blusher is a great option when you need to add a burst of color to your cheeks. Highlighting your cheekbones can make you look more fresh and youthful instantly; look for cream-based sticks that you can just smudge on and blend into your skin. This is a great makeup trick for days when you can only manage the bare minimum; just use a sweep of blusher, your favorite lip gloss and a few coats of mascara to freshen up your look in a flash!

Loose Powder

Reach for a mineral makeup line if you want to create a flawless, smooth finish for you make up. These are easy to blend and far less likely to irritate or damage your skin. Loose powder is a great alternative to foundation on days when you need to speed through your makeup routine, and you can pick a few different shades to balance out a changing complexion.
Puffy eyes and a less-than-stellar complexion in the morning can leave you wondering if there’s any hope left in looking your best, but there are few ways to balance your skin. Incorporate any of these key products into your regiment to make the mo