Last Month of Pregnancy Checklist

Last Month of Pregnancy Checklist

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Pregnancy is such an exciting time for a new mum-to-be, and in the last month, the idea of becoming a mum and having a new baby suddenly becomes real. Even while you’re handling all of the practical preparations, it’s so important to enjoy and cherish this precious time in your life, and this list will help you squeeze a little bit of both into the final countdown.

Get an outfit ready for baby

Is there anything more adorable than the tiny baby clothes on sale in your favourite department store? Not until you see your very own baby all wrapped up in them! Buying (or making) baby clothes is a true rite of passage for every mum-to-be, so shop around and enjoy the experience. Then, choose a few outfits, wash them, and stow them in the hospital bag so that they’re worn in and ready to go when baby arrives. Leave the others at home, and keep the receipts, just in case baby grows extra fast!

Make some memories

Ask any mother you know, and she’ll tell you that this time seems like a flash in the pan when she looks back, so don’t miss an opportunity to capture the experience. Take photographs of yourself as you grow and create a photo diary, write in a journal, or keep a video diary. You could even organise a professional photographer to take a few family portraits of you, your partner, and the bump before baby arrives! In any case, your future self will thank you for making the effort to create mementoes of this time in your life.

Grab a basket full of grocery staples

We all have days when we just don’t feel like leaving the house – especially those of us who have just given birth – and with a new baby, there’s no such thing as a spontaneous, last-minute shopping trip. To avoid the risk of getting caught at home with nothing to eat, stock up on non-perishables like packets of dry pasta and frozen meals. It might not be the most nutritious option, but it beats making yourself a peanut butter sandwich at 11pm when you have no groceries left.

Cook up what you can

They say preparation is the key to success, and your diet is no different. New mums need as much energy as they can get, and eating pizza for the third night in a row won’t quite cut it. Instead, cook up basic meals with ingredients like chicken, fish, and vegetables, and stick them in the freezer. They’ll last for months, and you’ll have access to something healthy and filling whenever you need it (which might be more often than you think).

Go on a date

Before you have a baby, going out with your partner is as simple as choosing a restaurant, pulling something  nice out of your wardrobe, and going – but it won’t always be like that. In fact, in just a few months’ time, this simple bonding experience will feel like a true luxury, so enjoy it while you can. Go out to dinner, see a movie, or spend some time gazing up at the stars, and enjoy being free from obligations. The moments you spend together right now will be happy memories once you’re in the thick of mum and dad duties!

Prepare for the big day

When it’s finally time to bring your little bundle of joy into the world, the last thing you want is unnecessary stress about your unpacked hospital bag, dead mobile phone battery, or empty fuel tank. Babies come when they’re ready, so why not take some of the stress out of the final hurdle by keeping things in a state of readiness, just in case? Once the car and bag are packed with the essentials, take a deep breath, steep yourself in positivity, and look forward to the next amazing stage of your life.

There’s no doubt about it: the last month of pregnancy comes with a broad spectrum of emotions. Whether you feel happy and excited or just worried about the experience of childbirth, do your best to enjoy this special time in your life.