I’m Pregnant! Update on what’s been happening

I’m Pregnant! Update on what’s been happening

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Sooo, as you already know from the title – I’m pregnant and today is 11 weeks! We always knew we wanted at least two babies, so it felt like a right time. Of course, we knew that getting pregnant might take some time, so after my period in October we decided to stop using protection. As it turns out, I really know my body right, because I cough ovulation right on time without any tests and after first month trying I found out we were expecting 🙂 I started pregnancy tests about 8or 10 days after ovulation and here’s how they look (last one is 1 week after my period didn’t come):

At that time I didn’t have any symptoms or anything, but with week 7 it hit me hard. Morning or should I say all day sickness came in full force and the smell of food, dry shampoo and anything else was just killing me. I would puke every other day but before eating which was strange. It seemed like I was sick from hunger. Also I need to say that just after waking up in the morning I was feeling so hungry, which is actually the case till now. I have to eat every 3 hours or so, because otherwise I start getting nausea.  At week 10 intense all day sickness started going away and today I feel a lot better.

Also I have to mention that my eczema with this pregnancy got really bad and as I couldn’t use any medication, I needed to find some other methods to deal with it. After research and talking with some naturalistic doctors I found that food that I eat is really the only thing that can help me manage this problem. That’s why I avoid dairy, gluten, processed food, sugar and some random foods that apparently not go well with my body. Why am I telling you this? Just so you would know, that even when I want o crave something, usually I can’t and won’t eat it. There were times that I’ve been so hungry but just didn’t know what I can eat and that’s just frustrating. Still, I remain positive, because now with controlling my food eczema isn’t that bad and I’m grateful for that.

The only one strange craving that I noticed – apples. I used to never eat them, but somehow now they are my favorite snack. Of course, my doctor asked me to stop eating bananas, so maybe I eat apples just because I can’t eat other fruit’s that I love. Don’t get me wrong, once in a wile I treat myself with a pizza or other food that I’m not supposed to be eating, but these fast food options never give that bad eczema reaction that for example onions do. So I don’t feel guilty for that 🙂

After first pregnancy my lowest weight was 59kg, but more often it would be 60kg. Today I weight the same 60kg, some days 200 g more or less but in my opinion it doesn’t count. I would love to not gain weight until week 12 just because I know that those kilograms are just me eating for two, but not what baby needs. We will see how it goes as I’ll me doing weekly updates here on dailymoms 🙂

On week 7 I was on a doctor appointment and he said everything looks good, heart is beating 🙂 I’m really sad that I forgot to ask for a picture, but I will definitely get it on a 12 week check up.

Today I’m 11 weeks pregnant. I feel a lot better than a week before, but I still had nausea in the morning with ended in a bathroom… So I guess I can’t say that the sickness is completely gone.

We are just happiest parents on earth to know that in the end of summer we’ll be a family of four. Come along on this journey with us and we will celebrate together.

With all the love in the world, your soon to be mother of two – daymom 🙂