Interesting and Weird Finance Facts

Interesting and Weird Finance Facts

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Finance is all about the money that we have as well as how we use it. And most of the time we do a pretty good job at using the finances that we have. Be it we are using them to play brand new online casinos games or we are saving to buy a house or a car, we use them in a way that best suits us. But today, we want to look at the other side of finance where we cover some interesting as well as weird facts about a few of the currencies that we use in the world.

Finance Facts

Paper Money?

We are so used to calling the notes that we circulate paper money, but in most cases, they are not made from paper. In fact, they are made from cotton and linen, the US bills are actually made from 75% cotton and 25% linen.

Mega Investments

If you were around in 1986 and you decided to invest in Microsoft at that time, well today your invest would have paid out. It would be worth $46 400 which is not bad investment if you ask us, especial for blackjack en ligne france games.

The First Bank

The first bank ever in the world was the Monte Dei Paschi di Siena. It was founded in 1472, which makes it at least 549 years old in 2021. Its headquarters are located in Tuscany, Italy and it is still in operation today.

Greatest Inflation Rate

Zimbabwe is a country that is located in Southern- Africa. And Zimbabwe holds the record for having experienced the words worst inflation rate, this was in November 2008. The inflation rate in the country at that times was 6.5 sextillion percent. That has 18 good zero’s to it in case you wanted put it in numeric form.

These are but a few of the most interestingly weird finance facts, trust us, there are a lot more.