Huggies VS Pampers Review

Huggies VS Pampers Review

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Something that a lot of new moms worry about when they have their first baby is how to choose the best nappies for their baby.

It seem the most common choice for moms here in South Africa are Huggies VS Pampers. They are certainly the two most premium brands available and are both excellent quality.

The topic of which one is best is always a hit on my Facebook page whenever I ask it, often getting hundreds of responses with moms saying which nappy they love best. So I thought perhaps it is time to have this debate here on my website for a change.

I’m going to share my own personal feelings about Huggies and about Pampers since I used both of them. So I will share my experience from each one honestly in this Huggies vs Pampers Review.

Pampers for Girls

With my first baby we received lots of packs of nappies at my baby shower. It looked like we would be kitted out for at least a year. Little did I know I would be changing her nappy every 2 hours in the beginning so this huge pile of nappies diminished very quickly!

The beauty of receiving so many packs of nappies is that we got a whole stack of different brands which made choosing which nappy to use very easy by the time all the packs were finished.

Among these packs of nappies we received a Pampers Premium pack. What stood out for me and my husband was the softness of the nappy. The tags were stretchy and the entire nappy was the softest by far.

So the decision was made, our baby would be a Pampers Premium baby.

When I went to buy our first pack of Pampers Premium the first thing I saw was that it may be the softest and most comfortable nappy for our daughter but it was also by far the most expensive nappy on the shelves.

I discussed the price with my husband and we decided that since it was the best we would stick with it and pay the heavy price.

Over time I noticed that every time I bought a pack, without fail, one of the nappies had a tag that either was already off or that tore when I tried to put the nappy on.

In all honesty I should have contacted Pampers and complained. When you are buying the most expensive nappy that money can buy, the fact is that tags should not fall off the nappy.

The only other issue we ever had with Pampers Premium nappies is that when my daughter was about 18 months old the nappies started leaking often at night and sometimes broke.

I have to also admit that at this time she was taking down about 3 to 4 bottles of milk every night so there was a lot of liquid she was taking in. Still a nappy should last at least the night right?

She had just started potty training so I decided to change to the Pampers Girls Pull Ups. These were also the most expensive pull ups on the market and worked very well for us. I can’t remember ever having any issue with the Pampers Girls Pull Up nappies.

Huggies for Boys

When my son was born I had a very small baby shower with just a few friends so we only got a few packs of nappies. The assumption was that I would buy Pampers Premium for him so I never paid much attention, I just used the nappies.

When all the baby shower nappies were finished I didn’t think about it, I just bought Pampers Premium because you know they are the best right?

It turned out that no they aren’t! Every time my son made a poop it escaped the nappy, all the way up his back. No dealing with a two year old daughter and a newborn baby is hard enough thank you, I don’t need a poop covered newborn.

I spoke to another mother that had sons and she said that also happened with her sons and she insisted that you need to buy Huggies for boys.

Huggies Gold is the premium nappy of the Huggies range so I hoped they would be as soft as the Pampers Premium. I have to admit I was disappointed, they were not nearly as soft and stretchy.

That is not to say it was uncomfortable, but it did not have that same premium feel to it.

That said, never again did I have a poop covered baby with Huggies Gold so really I shouldn’t complain.

Huggies Gold is pricey but not as expensive as Pampers Premium. However I have to say that when I compare the overall quality of the nappies Huggies Gold does come out tops.

I haven’t had a Huggies nappy break on me, not the tag bit nor a nappy bursting from too much wee. I have also not had any unpleasant leaks.

My Final Verdict Huggies vs Pampers

Looking back now If I had to go back and choose again, I would probably go for Huggies Gold for both my children simply because I believe that it is better value for money.

I can’t say that Pampers is bad though, because I was a happy Pampers mommy for nearly 3 years.

Another very important thing that has become very clear now is that Huggies is more customer orientated for sure. In my last post on my Facebook page (which is embedded below) I tagged both Huggies and Pampers.

When mommies started responding to my Pampers vs Huggies post about which nappy they preferred, Huggies responded to the mommies. Where mommies have said they have been unhappy with Huggies they have given a customer care line and showed that they do indeed care and look after their customers.

Pampers have not appeared at all. It makes me wonder if they would have responded to me if I had complained about their nappies breaking?

Anyway, I love a company that responds to its customers. Let’s face it here, even the best products can be faulty at times so not everyone will be happy with the same nappy right? But when the company wants to try and help solve the problem and when you feel like your complaint has been heard it can make a big difference to your day.

So thumbs up Huggies, my personal opinion is that you win this round.

So which nappy do your prefer? Huggies vs Pampers?