How to choose warmest winter boots?

How to choose warmest winter boots?

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When is gets too cold, you may consider looking for warmest winter boots for you and your kids. However, with the large variety of boots in the market, the boots are mixed with some good, some better and some best features. And You must go for the best, right? Best boots blend style and quality. Some people tend to choose the style part of a winter boot only to forget that cold is the main reason for purchasing the boots. There are so many features to consider while purchasing a winter boot.

The boots should offer Breathability

A boot’s breathability may at times seem to contrast with waterproofing. But that should not cause you any worry. With the modern technology, boots are made using a breathable membrane that has small pores that will allow your legs breathe while at the same time block any water droplets from leaking into the boot. You should avoid the boots that have nylon mesh uppers that will end up allowing water to your boot and feet. Full leather boots are equally better but not breathable. Choose winter boots made of a material like Gore-Tex, which offers the two worlds.

Winter boot for todler

Winter boot for todler

The material used to make the boots.

By considering the material, you consider the ones that offer adequate warmth. The warmth rating should also be indicated on the boots. Different boots provide different linings with different materials for the linings. If the boot lacks the linings that should be removable, then you should go for those with Thinsulate. Boots with Thinsulate of not less than 400g are the best in offering the warmth that you need. The inside part of the boot should have a warmth material like wool for instance. However, while choosing the boots don’t be cheated by boots that have synthetic fibers on the inside that offer very little warmth. Additionally the innersole should be made by a material that gives you warmth with proper insulation.

Consider the traction

During the winter, the terrain may be slippery and difficult to walk on. You ought to look for boots with an outsole that offers good traction. The lugs on the boots should have nice grips to prevent unnecessary slips and falls. Rubber is the best material that provides that. However, the quality of the rubber differs. Choose the natural rubber. You should also consider purchasing boots that have replaceable outsoles so that you can replace them once they wear out. Boots that are made of rubber- carbon blend are the most durable but tend to be non-resistant to slips on icy surfaces The boots should be waterproof

The material used to manufacture and make the boot is the main factor to consider while buying winter boots. However, boots that have a gusseted tongue are a mile better. A gusseted tongue offers more waterproofing than the non-gusseted ones. Boots with cuffs are also preferable as they keep off ice and snow from the boots. The cuffs can be bought separately from the boots. They make the boot taller.

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The height of the boot

Boots are either tall or short. It will depend on the terrain you are in. A tall boot is more than 10 inches tall while a short boot has less than 10 inches. The taller boots provide that traditional protection from snow and rain. These boots work excellently on severe conditions of winter. The short boots are equally essential. They provide a lot of protection from puddles and slush. Moreover, if you live in locations with mild winters, these are the right boots for you.


Comfort is very important if you are buying boots for a longer duration of time. The boots innersole and lacing system are crucial for comfort and performance not mentioning the attraction. You should choose those that offer pronation control. If you walk for long distances, then your boots are supposed to have this. Comfort also comes as a result of fitting boots. A fitting boot will hardly leave air spaces meaning that your feet remain intact and warm.


Winter boots have a lot more than just style. Boots that meet the above criteria plus fashion and style are worth breaking the bank for. Winter shouldn’t worry you if you have such. Remember that the price of a product in most cases determine the quality; cheaper products have low quality on many times. I hope that the guide is helpful.

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