How Accurate ClearBlue Pregnancy Tests can be?

How Accurate ClearBlue Pregnancy Tests can be?

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Every pregnant woman knows how it feels to take home a pregnancy test kit and try it for the first time. It could be a bit scary, exciting and overwhelming experience so we would only want to use a device that is reliable. However, do you know how accurate is ClearBlue pregnancy test? Let us further discuss it here.



Since the results that you will get on a pregnancy test kit is life-changing for most of us, it is critical to ensure that the test is 100% or almost perfect in giving the response we need. Thanks to digital pregnancy test kits these days like the ClearBlue test.

The traditional stuff such as the dipstick will have you interpret the lines or the plus and minus. Other tests will require you to do it after a couple of days before or after your menstruation or ovulation period. These requirements could be a hassle or an inconvenience compared to new pregnancy test kits that will spell out the result.


There are various brands and types of pregnancy kits today, and we can say that each of them offers convenience, ease of use and efficiency. You can check the article on five of the best pregnancy tests from ClearBlue to get to know more about how it works and what to look for when buying.

However, there are instances where the results could get confusing especially when it comes to the device’s sensitivity level. Here are some pointers to know how pregnancy tests can determine if you are pregnant or not.

Every pregnancy device intends to pick up the level of pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. The amount of it present in the blood or urine is measured in mIU/ml or mili-International Units per milliliter.

The level of HCG doubles in approximately, 2-3 days. The test works by determining the presence of it in the urine in 9-10 days following the estimated time of conception

Well, this whole thing might sound complicated, but the HCG level rises rapidly during the early period of pregnancy. According to health professionals, the level can reach 50 mIU/ml on a woman’s first day of missed period.

The manufacturer of ClearBlue pregnancy tests is sure that their devices can provide a 99% accurate result when used on the first day that you missed your period.

If you use the ClearBlue Pregnancy test on the day you are expecting your period, the result will be 99% accurate because of its high sensitivity. Moreover, it can detect pregnancy even six days before a woman actually missed her period.

We can say that this is one accurate pregnancy test because you no longer have to read the lines and interpret them. The advanced digital display of the ClearBlue device will tell it in words so you can easily find out if you are pregnant, ovulating or not.


We all need to be confident with the result of an essential test like this one. According to studies, one in every four women tends to misread and interpret the traditional line pregnancy test. Whereas using a ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy Test, you can be sure because it contains optical readers, eliminating human error.

It provides the following benefits to expecting moms and dads.

  1. One can confirm the pregnancy with its 99% accuracy level from the due date of their period.
  2. We believe that it is only the pregnancy test that can help you estimate weeks from conception.
  3. Users like that it is sensitive enough to be used up to six days before they even missed a period.
  4. Routine ultrasounds mostly agree with the estimated gestational aging according to consumers.
  5. Easy to use, very convenient and tells if you are pregnant or not pregnant.

Aside from the benefits mentioned, ClearBlue is specially designed so women can have a smooth pregnancy testing experience. It comes with a 18mm soft sampler, a wider tip compared to the usual tests so you can target the urine stream with no fuss.

The company has integrated the Floodguard™ Technology to prevent the most common usage error.You can also see more precise results with its sharp display. Plus, it has an ergonomic shape for comfort and reassurance.

You can choose from the following ClearBlue products; Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator, Clearblue Digital Early Detection Pregnancy Test, Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test, and Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test. All these products are 99% accurate and offer ease of use and comfort.

Take Note!

While we are confident, the ClearBlue Pregnancy Tests are accurate and sensitive in determining pregnancy, remember that specific factors might affect the result.

If you are testing before your expected period, we recommend that you use the first urine in the morning as this is when the HCG level is the most concentrated. Likewise, drinking too much fluid before doing the test can dilute your urine. Hence, it may lead to a false result.

More so, miscalculations on a woman’s expected menstrual due can make her test too early which can also lead to a false negative. One can also experience a false positive result although this is rare. It can be due to fertility medications with hCG and other fertility treatments.


Apparently, the ClearBlue Pregnancy Test is one of a kind of testing device that many users love and trust. We can tell by its positive feedback and hundreds of reviews online. Likewise, its digital features and modern display allow us to have a positive and more precise view of the result.

Again, make sure that you are using the product according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Conduct more research if you have to and take a re-test if you really wanted or if necessary.