Why Women Are Paid Less In Sports

Why Women Are Paid Less In Sports

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Sports are the one thing that do not care about gender. That is in the sense that men and women play the same sports. We talk about soccer, tennis, basketball, and even sports like netball. That means that we are at the point where men and women can be said to be equal. However, this s not the case; as in almost all the sports that we have mentioned above, it is the men that are paid more than their female counterparts are. Today, we will look at a few reasons why female athletes are paid less than men.

Why female athletes make less than male athletes do


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This is the same tactic that is used when it comes to athletes, for an athlete to be known, one needs to be marketed. Therefore, if one is not marketed, one cannot be known. And if one is not known, it is very hard for their pay to be increased. This is what a female athlete goes through. The fact that they are not as well marketed as their male counterparts. Making it harder for them to earn a few more extra bucks in deals and endorsements.


Another aspect that affects the pay of female athletes is the foundation. While we do have female governing bodies like WNBA and horse racing, it is not well known as the NBA. And this is the same issue as with the rest of the female sports bodies that are out there. They do not have leagues that are well known. Meaning to say that it is not as popular as the male governing bodies. Meaning that they will have fewer fans and which will affect the amount of money that they earn at the end of the day.