9 Ways for Moms to Feel Like Their Best Selves

9 Ways for Moms to Feel Like Their Best Selves

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You probably ask your spouse and your kids how they’re doing multiple times a day. When was the last time you checked in with yourself to see how you were feeling?

If you can’t remember the last time you paid attention to your needs, it’s time to prioritize yourself. Self-care isn’t selfish — it’s a vital part of rejuvenation so that you can be your best to others the rest of the time. Here are nine ways for moms to relax, recharge and feel like their best selves.

1. Take a Bubble Bath

Few things feel better than sinking into a steamy tub of water when your muscles or soul ache. Best of all, this self-care treatment is free, as long as you have a tub in your home.

If you have a little more money, you can elevate the experience. A jetted tub works if you own and have deeper pockets, but you can also find mat-style and over-the-edge-type bubblers that recreate the whirlpool experience.

One trick anyone with a bathtub can use to enhance their relaxation is taking a tea bath. Brew up a pot of your favorite chamomile and lavender blend and add it directly to your bathwater. You can also soak bags within or add a spoonful of Epsom salts (or both) to further dial up the relaxation-o-meter.

2. Pamper Your Skin

Maybe you aren’t in the market for plastic surgery, but you still want to look your best. You might not have ever had a consultation with a dermatologist if you didn’t have severe teenage acne — why not book an appointment? Your provider can perform a skincare analysis to see which products would most benefit you, saving you money on things like pricey retinoids that might not work for your skin type, anyway.

You don’t have to go under the knife to enjoy a significant transformation. Newer skin-lifting techniques such as contour threads cost a fraction of a traditional facelift or even filler. You might not even know everything available until you talk to a clinician.

3. Get (or Do) a Pedi

Here’s another self-care tip that’s ideal for those on shoestring budgets. You could book a salon appointment to get a pedicure. However, a more budget-friendly idea is to DIY at home.

You can use any container that’s the right size for soaking your feet — check out your local dollar store for 1-buck bargains. You’ll also find the other supplies you need, like files and color. This activity can bring you and your partner closer if you choose to let them in on the self-care action.

4. Learn the Art of Massage

This self-care tip works better with a partner or a professional. However, if you find yourself solo, you can find inexpensive rollers with multiple massaging balls that can help your aching back. Even a sports sock stuffed with a tennis ball can become a powerful weapon against painful knots.

However, if you are hitched, why don’t you and your partner master the art of massage so that you can ease each other’s aches and pains for free? You’ll also increase your intimacy and trust.

5. Move Your Body

Do you still think of exercise as a chore? If so, maybe it’s time to switch up your routine to something you love.

Dancing is free — plus, it might offer some of your best protection against Alzheimer’s disease. Dock your iPhone and practice your moves in your living room.

With summer in swing, nature beckons. Why not go for a hike or even tackle bouldering some weekend? If you live in an urban jungle, put your parkour skills to the test.

6. Get Out in Nature

Nature has the power to heal. Studies demonstrate that even gazing at pictures of wild places decreases stress levels.

Now imagine what immersing yourself in the forest can do. If you haven’t planned a getaway yet this summer, consider going glamping and spending several solo hours wandering in sylvan bliss.

7. Nourish Yourself

Your diet might impact your overall health more than any medication. Take time to prepare healthy meals and experiment with different diet plans to find what works for you.

You don’t have to go all-in on the latest fad — doing so causes excess stress and can get pricey. However, try incorporating elements of different plans to see what works. As a general rule, it’s best to opt for foods in their natural forms and avoid processed versions.

8. Look Inward

Meditation is an incredible tool for self-exploration, but far too few people take the time to do it. However, it’s free to start if you can carve out 10 to 15 minutes for yourself to sit quietly and draw your attention inward.

Practice mindfulness meditation by focusing only on your breath, shutting out distractions. As thoughts arise, as they will, observe them neutrally, then let them go. Guided meditations can help reprogram your thought processes, especially if you do them right after awakening or before falling asleep.

9. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

A sound night’s sleep is vital to feeling your best. Make your bedroom into a peaceful oasis by banning electronic equipment and shutting out distracting light and sounds.

If the red glow of your alarm clock causes guilt and stress at 3 a.m. when you contemplate how many hours of rest you have left, replace it. Opt instead for a wind-up model free from the neon scolding — as a bonus, you won’t oversleep if you lose power overnight.

Moms, Feel Like Your Best Selves With These 9 Tips

Moms too seldom take time for self-care. Please use the nine tips above to feel like your best self.