10 Fun Places to Get Married

10 Fun Places to Get Married

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You’ll enjoy your wedding no matter where it takes place, but finding the perfect venue may still feel like quite a challenge. Your adventurous spirit may want something different than a traditional chapel or ballroom. If you’re looking for a place unlike anything you’ve ever seen, check out these 10 fun places to get married around the world.

1. Treehouse Point

Travel over to Washington state to tour the magical venue of Treehouse Point. Your ceremony could take place against a backdrop of lush trees and birdcalls. Party with your favorite people after saying your vows and forget about watching the clock for your big exit. This venue allows every newly wedded couple to stay on-site overnight.

2. Housing Works Bookstore

Share your love of reading or writing by getting married in the Housing Works Bookstore. The walls and flooring have a vintage vibe and the shelves are full of colorful novels. You could even send your guests home with book favors to keep the storytelling going as the next chapter of your life begins.

3. Bridal Cave

Tucked within Thunder Mountain Park is a cave that echoes with mystery and romance. Bridal Cave hosts weddings every year and keeps guests at a cool 60 degrees even while they dance the night away. You’ll love this venue if you adore spelunking with your partner, gazing at colorful natural rock formations, or exploring hidden places.

4. The Clubhouse at Baywood

Not sure if you want a laid-back ceremony or a dressed-up wedding day? The Clubhouse at Baywood is the perfect place for both. Interested couples can choose from seven event spaces to set up whatever ceremony decor sings to their hearts. Take pictures in the library after your ceremony and don’t forget to sneak a few kisses on the expansive porches between dances.

5. George Peabody Library

Anyone who fell in love with the library in “Beauty and the Beast” should visit the George Peabody Library. Its five floors contain over 300,000 books and space in the middle for your ceremony or reception. The Edison bulbs crisscrossing the towering ceiling above your wedding add an enchanting atmosphere that makes this one of the most fun places to get married.

6. Taylor Ranch

You don’t have to leave your love for animals out of your wedding planning when working with Taylor Ranch. There are 7 acres of rolling hills set against mountain views around the property. Many ceremonies happen alongside the two lakes on the ranch, but you can also host an indoor wedding if you prefer. Pose with the cattle that roam the hills, set up a bounce house for the kids that attend your wedding, or invite food trucks to cater your reception. There’s no end to the ways you can use the massive space available for your big day.

7. Camp Navarro

If camping is your favorite way to vacation, think about hosting your wedding at Camp Navarro. The camp exists deep within wine country out in California, so it’s the perfect place to have a ceremony under massive redwood trees. Before and after saying your vows, you could have an archery competition with your loved ones, roast marshmallows over an open fire, or pose for pictures while gliding through the air on a rope swing.

8. The Ruined Abbey

It may not sound amusing to get married in a ruined venue, but the ancient look of the abbey is what appeals to many adventurous brides. Jet off to the U.K. and get married inside the gothic architecture that’s stood the test of time. The abbey sits on a lake that’s excellent for photoshoots and next to a crystal grotto that hosts eccentric receptions.

9. Main Street Station

Your dreamy wedding could take place inside an old train station that’s the length of two football fields. Main Street Station in Virginia features floor-to-ceiling windows and steel beams that have an industrial appeal. Many couples comfortably host weddings with 200 people or more at the station, then end their big day with a fireworks show. Train enthusiasts will love to note that they can watch actual trains race by the reception area windows while they dine, too.

10. Buddy Dive Resort

Combine your wedding and honeymoon by getting married at the Buddy Dive Resort in the Southern Caribbean. Couples fly over to Bonaire with all of their favorite people to zip up their scuba suits and get married under the ocean. No one else will be able to say that fish were part of their audience or that they kissed over a colorful coral reef.

Find Fun Places to Get Married

There are so many fun places to get married. Start thinking about where you want to host the most romantic day of your life soon after getting engaged. You’ll have enough time to consider all of your options, explore exciting venues like these, and book the perfect place to start your married life.