Most Common Teenage Slang Words 2018

Most Common Teenage Slang Words 2018

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Slang is the informal kid – teenage language that is more popular in speaking than in writing.  It is the new way of speaking of the young adults that has been quite a trend for a few decades. It consists of a vocabulary often times unknown to the adults.  The slang is created by sometimes recycling the old words, making abbreviations or giving new meaning to the already existing words . Some of these slang examples have found their way into the English dictionaries. There are also dictionaries for slang language available online. This is the way languages are revolutionized. Who knows that the words we call slang today may become part of the regular English someday and may come into writing as well.

Here is a list of some trending slang words among teens now a days. This may help the adults to decipher the foreign language of their teenagers and not be in a state of total disillusionment.

Teenage Slang Words New List:

  1. Fam: Fam is the short form for the world family. It is used to associate those who are dear and close to you like a family. It can also mean a close friend who is like family.
  2. Sus: it is the short form for the word suspicious or suspect.
  3. Thirsty: it means to want or need someone or something desperately.
  4. OG: it means original gangsta. But it is used for someone who is quite popular and famous among the group or at school. It is used in a positive way as a sign of respect.
  5. Throw shade: its meaning is quite opposite from its literal one. It means to disrespect someone.
  6. Bruh: this is the slang for bro or brother.
  7. Dope: it means awesome. It has got nothing to do with drugs. Dope is used for something that you really like and something that is excellent.
  8. Finna: it is a replacement for fixing to or going to.
  9. Roasted: this means to argue with someone verbally to the extent that they are somewhat defeated in your quick tongue battle.
  10. Lit: this means amazing or awesome, something that is exciting and wild.



 So from this list and info graphics, Parents need to know the trends in 2018 for Teen Slang Terms to Keep an Eye on. Fun and Harmless Teenage Slang are good but hurtful and personality destructive slang phrases should be checked.   

This slang trend has been there since the 80’s. Teens are always known to invent their own code words and phrases that have today become slang and later added in urban dictionary. Some are abbreviations like LOL or YOLO whereas others are small phrases that have very different meanings like ‘eat my shorts’ or ‘kill me’. These practices are how the languages are revolutionized and progress.